The purpose of this utility is to display the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of a Zebra Android device in the title bar of EHS. This allows the user to identify the device for the purposes of problem reporting etc. The utility works by patching the existing enterprisehomescreen.xml file with the ESN , replacing the Title Bar text (which by default is ‘Enterprise Home Screen’) with the ESN. The utility can be autorun by EHS during initial load so that the ESN is visible immediately the device boots up to the EHS launcher as shown in the screenshot below:





To demonstrate this in action, the attached StageNow centralised profile (rem_ehs2dot6_esn.pdf , original exported profile also attached) will download and install EHS together with the utility on any Zebra Android device with a pre-configured internet connection.


To install the utility manually, follow these steps:

  1. 1.      Download and install the attached GetESN.apk utility
  2. 2.       Edit your EHS config file enterprisehomescreen.xml (which needs to be located in /enterprise/usr) file to include the following in the auto launch section:


                <application delay="500" package="com.ih.getesn" activity="com.ih.getesn.main"/>


  1. 3.       Install EHS – utility should run during initial start of EHS and show the ESN in the title bar.


Please note that this is an unofficial utility and therefore unsupported i.e. use at your own risk .