It was a busy two days September 25th and 26th at droidcon NYC. The Zebra Dev Team was there in full force. The goal of our first presentation, Android Security; An Enterprise Perspective, was to expose developers to Enterprise security requirements on smart phones and how Zebra devices with Mobility DNA, defense in depth dc nyc.jpgin combination with the Android OS, meet those needs.


For many, this talk, given by Chuck Bolan, Zebra Technologies, was new territory. Focusing on current Android threats, why security updates are critical in the enterprise marketplace and the long-life cycle of Android devices, attendees walked away knowing how to speak about security and Enterprise needs when developing on the Android platform. You can view more info on Android Security: Defense in Depth from the APPFORUM event in Prague this past June.




Bring on the Barcode Blasters!

The Barcode Blasters game which challenges people to scan as many barcodes as possible in 10 seconds was a huge hit at Zebra’s booth.

It was a great lead-in to Zebra’s portfolio and Enterprise use cases. barcode blasters dc nyc.jpgBringing the Barcode Blasters to the CodeLabs, Bill Hecox and Robin Chander, Zebra Technologies, guided developers through code needed to integrate Barcode Scanning into apps using DataWedge on Zebra Android Device. Even though this topics seemed new for most, participants were ready to rock! To learn more about Datawedge go here.  


droidcon nyc 17.jpg




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