Toshiba Charges Ahead on Li-Ion Battery Tech


Among the claimed benefits of the new anode technology are faster charging and better resistance to damage and leaking.


Apple Embraces Qi Wireless Charging

Apple has taken sides on wireless charging. Will it lead to wider plug-free charging across the industry?


Walmart Robots to Keep Shelves in Order


Shoppers at 50 Walmart stores will soon share aisle space with shelf-scanning robots that will inform staff of missing and misplaced items.


Microsoft Adopts Google's Container Technology

Redmond to incorporate Kubernetes in its Azure Container Service, joining Amazon Web Services in the "If you can't bean 'em, join 'em" camp.


New Google Service Monitors Phones for Fraud

Company's Advanced Protection Program requires a hardware key that must be purchased separately.


Photo-based Authentication Shows Nearly Perfect Results

With thinking literally outside the box, experimental security system uses pictures of ordinary household objects and with 99.91 percent success rate.


App Uses AI to Verify Health Insurance Coverage

Healthcare app developer Zodoc offers an appointment booking app that finds doctors in a specific plan, makes the appointment and even helps fill out the paperwork.


Verifone Launches Developer Program

As payment systems get smarter and more secure, Verifone has opened Developer Central, with an invitation to third-party developers to make apps for its payment networks.