Recently Google released Android Studio 3.0 to it's "Canary & Dev stable channel"and comes with some really awesome features as discussed in this blog post, but before you fired up your EMDK for Android environment and start using it, you will want to follow the directions below for getting your EMDK dev environment setup correctly.


Step 1: Install EMDK 6.6

There are no special instructions on running the EMDK Installer, so go ahead and download it from our support portal and follow the setup instructions found on Techdocs.


Step 2: Download Android Studio 3.0

Head on over to and follow Google's instructions for install and setup of Android Studio 3.0 Preview


Step 3: Get the Android SDK Folder

First, get the Android SDK folder being used by looking at: Android Studio >> File >> Settings >> Appearance & Behavior >> System settings >> Android SDK


Then, after you noted down the SDK folder, close Android Studio.


Step 4: Copy SDK Add-Ons

From EMDK installed folder (eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbol EMDK for Android\v6.6\Integrator\add-ons), copy all add-ons to Android SDK add-ons folder (eg: C:\Users\<Your user name>\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\Add-ons).



Step 5: Copy Plug-ins

From EMDK installed folder (Eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbol EMDK for Android\v6.3\Integrator\plugins\IntelliJ IDEA), copy “com.symbol.emdk.wizard.intellijIdea” folder to Android Studio installed folder (eg: C:\Beta releases\android-studio preview\plugins).


That's it! - Fire up Android Studio and you should be all set.