GitHub to Alert Users of Flawed Libraries

Launched in mid-November, a new service scans project dependencies to identify software vulnerabilities.


Google Accused of Data Snooping in U.K.

The search giant will be in a British court facing charges that it illegally harvested personal data of 5.4 million iPhone users.


Microsoft Releases Tools Aimed at Code Automation

With its Connect 2017 as a backdrop, Redmond has unveiled a spate of new tools that it claims can automate the more mundane parts of coding.



GitHub Project Data: Who's Doing What?

Google and Microsoft maintain the most projects, but Amazon and others show other kinds of leadership.


Smaller Application Package Equals Bigger Install Numbers

Best Practices: According to Google, every 6MB increase in .apk size correlates to a one percent drop in conversion rates.


Google 'Play Referrer' API Reveals Key App Usage Info

Knowing how someone learned of your app can be as important as how they're using it. Google's latest API makes it easy to find out both.


Report: Companies Are Hedging Their Cloud-Based Bets

According to Gartner, an increasing number of organizations are spreading their app deployments across multiple cloud service providers, despite the added complexities.


A 'Corporate Tax Holiday' With Trillions at Stake

If President Trump and his majority party have their way, trillions of dollars currently parked overseas will flow back to the U.S., half a trillion from the top five companies alone.