Android has a built-in facility to echo the device display to an external screen using Miracast – this has not previously worked reliably on Zebra devices. On the Nougat OS builds (currently tested for TC51/56 and MC3300) , the cast option is working and allows a simple connection to any Miracast enabled screen i.e. either a TV with an integrated adaptor or any TV with a plug-in Miracast dongle.



  1.        Pull down the notification bar and select Cast from the icon list

  2.        Select More Settings

3.       Press the menu icon and check ‘enable wireless display’

4.       Wireless display should now appear in the list

5.       Click on display name to connect

6.       Device display should now also appear on external screen ( duplicated)

7.       To disconnect, click on the display name and select Disconnect


Would be interesting to try this on a touch-enabled external display to see if the mouse events are transferred over this link. For my tests ,I used an AnyCast HDMI dongle as detailed at