Defects found in processors from AMD, ARM and Intel; Walmart to offer shop-by-texting service; FCC approves wireless charging system.


Newly Discovered Chip Defects Could Expose Data

With the new year come revelations of security vulnerabilities in processors from AMD, ARM and Intel that can be remedied only by rewriting parts of Linux, MacOS and Windows.



Can Walmart Do Without Cashiers?

Retail giant Walmart is testing Code Eight, a new shop-by-texting service aimed initially at busy urban moms with no time for store visits.


And the Wireless Charging Winner Is: Energous


The FCC has approved WattUp from Energous Corp., which sends "energy packets" via RF to charge devices within its 15-foot range.


Google Play Store To Reject 32-Bit Apps

Starting in August of next year, Google will no longer accept apps that don't support 64-bit hardware.


How to Design an App to Work Off-line

Dead spots and other connectivity issues can arise anywhere. Learn to build an app that continues working when the connection doesn't.


Three Reasons to Care About Android App Testing

With a few good techniques under your belt, testing your Android app can help reduce the code required and minimize regression bugs later.


Kotlin Coding Conventions

If you've adopted the Kotlin language, here are some conventions to consider for helping teams remain consistent in coding practices.


How to Cut App Startup Time

A second or two might not seem like a long time to wait, but the time an application takes to be ready for input can make or break adoption rates.