As a proud Zatarian who spends his days (and many nights) working to unleash the power of IoT, I  look forward to connecting with you at APPFORUM 2015, the developer’s learning event that Zebra is hosting Sept. 21-23 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. 

Everyone at APPFORUM will be talking about IoT, a term scattered across the Internet that is all about harnessing and leveraging real-time data from Internet aware devices to improve existing processes. This increasingly recognizable acronym is one of the three mega-trends (along with mobility and the cloud) driving Zebra’s mastery of the Enterprise Asset Intelligence space. IoT is the digital elixir with the power to future-proof companies challenged to develop solutions for evolving markets that have progressed from smart phones to an entirely interconnected planet in the mere blink of an eye.  So much more than a buzzword, IoT is impacting the enterprise in substantial ways and paving the future of growth across multiple industries.

IoT is an entire industry that’s aimed at enhancing business, creating new solutions and business models and enhancing our experiences. And it has developers playing a key role in everything from building the next generation of smart devices to writing the next gen apps that stretch the boundaries of those smart devices and the information they generate.  Developers are the true maestros of IoT, the ones with the creative potential to transform the enterprise by simplifying things like asset management, supply chain logistics and remote diagnostics.

To make building these devices and applications easier, developers will use tools and resources that are compliant with standards that simplify IoT, such as protocols, authentication, APIs (application programming interfaces) and encryption. At APPFORUM, developers will learn about the Zatar IoT cloud platform, which leverages open standards to help rapid deployment of enterprise-grade IoT solutions.

In today’s uber-linked world the enterprise is looking for a way of connecting its cloud solutions to multiple devices, regardless of geographic location. APPFORUM is a great opportunity for developers who want to ride the wave of the future, learn how these new devices, applications and tools will look and feel, and begin to understand that next gen really is now. 

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posted by Adebayo Onigbanjo, Director of Marketing, Zebra Technologies New Growth Platforms