Zebra is once again hosting APPFORUM, the biennial Enterprise Software Conference Series that we’ve been driving since 2014. APPFORUM’s come-back tour kicks off for the Americas from May 9-11 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, USA, followed by our Europe event from June 14-16  at Andel's by Vienna House, Prague, Czech Republic.


We’ve also reinvigorated APPFORUM—refined some things, refocused a few items, and expanded stuff—to make this year’s event infinitely mo’ betta.


Attendees can expect to:

1. Breathe in Tech Leaders’ Rarified Air

Zebra has updated its event structure to enable conversations with our tech industry’s venerable CTOs and CIOs and has scheduled a first-day Tech Leader session track geared specifically toward the CX-type folks. The goal is to get them together to share ideas, engage with other industry experts we’re bringing in, and provide glimpses through the future window that shows where technology is headed.


Come to APPFORUM to listen in to these conversations, get a look at where the future of Zebra may be headed, grow an improved understanding about the future of retail, healthcare and other verticals, and apply yourself towards these new views of technology within the industry in general.


2. Witness the Rapid-Fire Evolution of Enterprise Asset Intelligence

APPFORUM will give a detailed view of what Enterprise Asset Intelligence really is and where the EAI evolution is going. You’ll learn to use the three component parts of EAI— Sense/Analyze/Act—to gain visibility into data trends and to drive intelligence into what that data is telling you.


Come to APPFORUM to learn to recognize and accept the change that EAI is driving around you, and develop an understanding of the movement that Zebra is witnessing towards primarily software and analytics companies . . . just in case the industrial organization you’re working for today transforms itself into a tech shop by the time you clock in tomorrow morning.


3. Be Impressed by our Serious Keynote Lineup

Google has committed to speak at all four of APPFORUM’s regional events, and its presence evidences quite the significant mindset shift for a company that always saw itself as a consumer-oriented OS. Google appears to be on the precipice of accepting the enterprise ecosystem and recognizing a capability to position itself within the enterprise system.

And let’s not forget this HOT FACT:  In 2016 Google signed an agreement that made Zebra its sole and exclusive enterprise partner and enables the fostering of a relationship between the two companies beyond its current parameters.    Microsoft has also committed to speak at our Americas event and will be exploring ways to leverage IoT mobile on the Enterprise platform.


Come to APPFORUM to engage with these industry giants. You will get a chance to explore understand how Zebra’s view of Enterprise Asset Intelligence is becoming a cornerstone of where Google will engage with the enterprise, and position yourself to tap into this ground-breaking collaboration at its inception.


4. Receive Next-Gen Wisdom from the Zebra Brain Trust

Carving out a leadership role for your company in the EAI space isn’t just about building superior mobile computers, printers and scanners. It’s more about how these devices work holistically with the entire enterprise ecosystem to transform the vision of EAI and actually make it happen.


Come to APPFORUM to hear Zebra’s crème de la crème reveal where they see the next generation of products evolving and the directions they think Zebra’s technology will take.


5. Gaze into the OS Crystal Ball

So far, developers have turned out to be traditionally Microsoft developers. Indeed, as an industry we’ve seen Google Android prevail as an OS provider. As matters continue to evolve, it’s clearly beneficial for even a powerhouse like Google to learn where the industry is going and how they can be plugged into it.


Come to APPFORUM to learn about the future direction of operating systems, and take a hard look at the criteria that will help you to recognize and forecast the direction our industry is heading from an OS perspective.


APPFORUM is also the enterprise software community’s best bargain. For the cost of our $149 registration fee and a ridiculously low room rate of $79 (plus a $29 daily resort fee), you’ll get three days of value-packed learning and networking. We’ve made a great thing even better with this year’s APPFORUM. Check out our registration website for the fine print details and reserve your place today.