Convincing the exalted one to let you out from behind the screen to attend Zebra’s APPFORUM 2017 —especially when the event will have new technology topics and educational sessions—shouldn’t be challenging. Don’t worry- I’m here to assist, with a suggested email template for you to use.

  Try sending this to your manager to get approval:


To my manager:


Zebra Technologies is hosting APPFORUM Americas, it’s biennial technology event from May 9-11 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I wanted to let you know that it important for me to attend so I learn where the enterprise technology revolution is going.

Google and Microsoft are the keynote speakers at APPFORUM. I will hear directly from Google about the endless opportunities within the enterprise when leveraging the Android platform.    I will hear from Microsoft about the how the Windows 10 IoT Mobile edition empowers every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


It’s also beneficial to understand what Zebra is doing from an Enterprise Asset Intelligence perspective to support organizational transformation.   Zebra offers technology sessions for Manufacturing, T&L, Retail & Healthcare that provide insights on megatrend technologies, real world applications and engagement strategies within each. 


Understanding the new technologies available from Zebra and its sponsors will help us develop cutting edge applications that will position us as leaders in our markets. At this event we not only have access to Zebra product gurus and industry experts, but will learn about new tools, principles and best practices for developing apps.


Don’t forget about the face time with Tech Leaders and other visionary people to learn what CIOs and CTOs are thinking. Zebra is hosting tech leader roundtables where I will hear about technology trends they are looking at, to address challenges within their organizations.



And, the cost is really reasonable if I book by April 7th:

      • Registration fee:  $149
      • Hotel:  $79 per night (plus a $29 daily resort fee) (Respectfully yours,

Now, cut . . .  paste . . . and get ready to start making plans.

I’ll see you in Vegas!