Tech Leaders have been releasing development teams from their regular work environment to attend APPFORUM since 2013, when Zebra began driving an Enterprise Software Conference Series known for consistently taking participants to technology’s cutting edge. This year we want to cast a wider audience net to gather people from the entire enterprise software community and are rolling out the black-and-white-striped carpet for CIOs and CTOs with high-level discussions, serious networking and a host of specialized learning opportunities that speak straight to the Tech Leader’s pain points and challenges.


I encourage CIOs and CTOs to join their developers at APPFORUM from May 9-11 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, where they can look forward to:


Hobnobbing with Google and Microsoft: We’re incredibly excited to be hosting Google and Microsoft as APPFORUM keynote speakers. Tech Leaders will get interaction and face-time with these industry giants and learn first-hand about the possibility of Google using their platform within the context of the enterprise and Microsoft’s point of view about mobility and migration paths to Windows 10.


Exemplary networking: APPFORUM fosters a collaborative environment where Tech Leaders can naturally search for (and locate) expanded contacts, more support, and new avenues for creating enterprise solutions. CTOs can talk with their counterparts in other organizations to find out more about their business vision and strategies, while CIOs engage each other on new trends in technical enterprise and software solutions.


A CTO Roundtable: We’ll be bringing in some top CTOs to speak candidly about their businesses and the issues they face. CTOs (as well as CIOs and even developers) will gain inspiration from discussions intended to generate ideas, concepts, and thought processes to fix the next new problem that is waiting to be solved.


Sessions on Device Management, Security and Mobility: Tech Leaders can benefit from device management sessions that focus on revamping operations, simplifying and speeding up deployments and improving efficiencies; security sessions that focus on industry and vertical trends; and mobility sessions that foster an understanding of integrating devices into an environment and bring attendees up to speed on mobile device options.


Sessions on Technology Trends: Tech Leaders can illuminate their business direction, corporate strategies and purchasing decisions with high-level discussions on the latest technology trends such as IoT, with a special emphasis on locationing and vertically relevant solutions that can result in not only financial improvements but the saving of human lives in the workplace.


Sessions in Spanish:  Our Latin American Tech Leaders can attend sessions in Spanish at APPFORUM this year. Tech Leaders can learn how to take an application to market and grow in the Latin American market. Other Spanish-language sessions focus on the printing side of Zebra and Link-OS as well as Enterprise Browser.


A Laser Focus on Vertical Trends: APPFORUM offers separate sessions on the retail, manufacturing, T&L and healthcare verticals, and the CTO Roundtable will also address issues by vertical. Tech Leaders will be able to engage in discussions around Zebra’s solutions as well as the challenges and pain points the industry is facing within each vertical to gain a better understanding of their current verticals and perhaps learning something different about a new one.


Improving Team Dynamics: APPFORUM also encompasses coding sessions on Android, Windows and cross-platform tools, hands-on experience with the latest tools and technology, mini-hacks, and developer brain time with senior engineering and product managers from Zebra and other companies. There’s even a session that lets Tech Leaders collaborate with their own attendee developers on the programming and IT management of an actual device. Consider making APPFORUM a team event and let the entire department benefit from APPFORUM’s opportunities. 


Look forward to growing your understanding of complete technical enterprise and software solutions and positively impacting your organization’s bottom line. Visit our registration site and begin making plans to attend APPFORUM today.