Zebra has earned its reputation for taking APPFORUM participants to technology’s cutting edge with top-notch sessions, serious networking, and a panoply of workshops and demos. But this time around we’re taking our biennial Enterprise Software Developer Conference Series to new heights as we bring Google along with us to explore the enterprise space and delve into all things Android.

APPFORUM offers an array of Google and Android-related options that will give Tech Leaders and Developers the opportunity to:


Hear Google’s Keynote Address: We’re pleased to welcome, as our keynote speaker, Jack Weixel, Google’s Head of Business Development, who will talk about the Infinite Possibilities of the Android platform. Hear the details of how this industry giant is moving to embrace the enterprise ecosystem and about the kinds of things Google is working on to enable the enterprise.


Witness Google as it Boards the Enterprise: Google sees the enterprise space as a huge opportunity, and it shows. In a development that goes far beyond addressing the morning conference crowd, a team of Google engineers has been working closely with us to leverage what Zebra is doing for the enterprise. Because of Zebra’s emerging relationship with Google, we now have a much clearer strategy of what our respective organizations will be focusing on going forward, and we’ll share this vision at APPFORUM with ISVs, Partners and developers so they’ll all know what this opportunity means to them. Just to get this level of information on the ground floor is reason enough join us at APPFORUM.


Get the Latest on Security, Device Management and Mobility: APPFORUM is adding sessions on Android-related topics especially for Tech Leaders like Device Management, Security and Mobility. CTOs and CIOs can benefit from: device management sessions that focus on revamping operations, simplifying and speeding up deployments and improving efficiencies; security sessions that highlight industry and vertical trends; and mobility sessions that foster an understanding of integrating devices into an environment and bring attendees up to speed on mobile device options.


Attend a Whole Series of Sessions on Android and Google: On the heels of Marshmallow, Nougat is the next big version of Android, and devices are coming out that will run on these new Android flavors. Developers will gain great value from APPFORUM’s action-oriented sessions that will demystify the confusion that developers continue to experience with respect to Android’s alphabet soup and provide nuts-and-bolts information about what Zebra is adding on, the standard Android changes that might affect them, different standard use cases, what they need to do immediately and what they should be thinking about.


Glimpse Game-Changing Developments to Android for Work: Developers will also get their first look at how Android for Work is being built in to Google’s Android OS. It’s an excellent way for developers to arm themselves with the insight they need to make the right decisions when it comes to developing

applications, and to learn what they can expect from both Zebra and Google from a development perspective.


Discover A Whole New Series of SDKs: APPFORUM will go beyond the generic OS to introduce a new series of more vertically-based Software Development Kits that make it easier for us to go deeper into a specific industry. For example, we’ll be introducing a series of new features for T&L and warehousing—not only on a device level but on the SDK level—that will allow organizations in those verticals to be more efficient in delivering product. Go into the weeds and deepen your knowledge about SDKs at APPFORUM.


Explore Topics for the .NET Developer: Because some of our customers and developers continue to write in .NET, Zebra continues to evolve its Enterprise Mobility Developer Kit (EMDK) for Xamarin, the .NET-based SDK for Android. In a series of sessions that go outside the native Android space especially for the .NET segment of the enterprise software community that we continue to support, APPFORUM will reveal how it’s now possible for developers to write .NET applications right on top of Android using their .NET skills, so they don’t have to worry about learning a whole new language.


Get a First Look at Behind-the-Scenes Cool Stuff: Zebra’s partnership with Google is opening new vistas of possibility for industry-based solutions. At APPFORUM we’ll demonstrate outside of normal sessions some of our more futuristic proof of concepts. Tech Leaders and developers alike can inspire their own creativity when they see what’s going on with new capabilities that are coming down the road that aren’t quite ready for prime time.


Dive deep into Android and rub shoulders with Google at APPFORUM from May 9-11 in Las Vegas. We’re just weeks away from the early registration deadline of April 7, 2017 for the Americas event. The Europe event is June 14-16, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.  Register today  to take advantage of special event pricing and discounted room rates.