To foster the collaborative spirit and creative energy that drives APPFORUM, Zebra will focus on the manufacturing, retail/hospitality, transportation & logistics and healthcare industries to highlight the top pain points we are witnessing in each vertical and the problems that customers in those areas are trying to solve. Throughout the conference, we will, in effect, reveal the holy grail of where money is spent in each vertical—and why—so Tech Leaders and Developers will have the opportunity to plan for futuristic improvements and advances in their current market, or to expand to areas in which they don’t currently play.


If you attend APPFORUM, you can expect to capture new ideas and gain inspiration about vertical trends and enterprise business opportunities from the following:


High-Level Learning Offerings Across All Verticals: Zebra’s most knowledgeable and experienced subject matter experts are coming to APPFORUM to share exclusive insight that simply isn’t available to Tech Leaders and Developers outside the APPFORUM milieu.


In each of the healthcare, retail and hospitality, transportation & logistics and manufacturing verticals, APPFORUM will give attendees numerous opportunities to:

  • Review areas critical to the current environment of each vertical
  • Discuss trends, challenges, market changes and opportunities impacting each vertical
  • Pinpoint the most profitable areas and ideas you should be thinking about
  • Identify the hero solution products that Zebra has built squarely into each vertical space


We’ll also have panel discussions and sessions featuring Zebra’s top vertical marketing directors who will share volumes of expertise:


If you concentrate on the critical movement worldwide in healthcare, Vertical Marketing Strategy Director Chris Sullivan will delve into preventable medical errors, patient safety regulations for medication security, unique device identification or UDI, the emerging areas of patient identification, prioritization of clinical workflow, and the enabling of better care through better connections.


If you work in the rapidly evolving retail and hospitality vertical, Vertical Marketing Strategy Director Ravi Kanniganti will discuss customer engagement, inventory visibility, the mobility of associates and omnichannel fulfillment in store or online, as well as the concept of self-service experience technology geared to driving the kind of positive experiences that make consumers want to come in to a brick and mortar retail facility.


If you move through the transportation and logistics vertical, Vertical Marketing Strategy Director Bill Cusack will talk about the decentralized effort going on around the production and storage of goods to keep up with customer demand. Careful attention will also be paid to ensuring same day delivery and the way that the visibility of a good, a person, or an asset throughout the T&L supply chain can get that goal accomplished.


If your focus is on the manufacturing vertical, Vertical Marketing Strategy Director Jim Hilton will discuss how advancements in this industry are truly about visibility and explore the range of IoT enabling technologies that are giving manufacturers deeper visibility into every stage of their supply chain. He’ll explore what our joint customers are looking to do with their next mobility strategy and emphasize the value of developing software that improves customer service, automates control processes, identifies the location and condition of assets, enables the workforce and optimizes inventory levels.


Deep-Dive Sessions: APPFORUM sessions will also provide a closer, more detailed examination of vertically-focused trends and business opportunities, such as:


A session that will demonstrate a proof of concept for solutions involving mobile dimensioning, which will review technology that helps delivery companies do things like charge the right cost for different size packages and load/deliver those packages more effectively and efficiently.


A session about NFC, which is transforming ticketing in railroads, events and amusement parks with industry-specific SDKs that supplement the one-size-fits-all SDK and allows us to go deeper and to be more sensitive to a customer’s or end user’s needs.


Hands-On Demonstration Area: APPFORUM attendees can also gain a better understanding of how pain points drive business opportunities when they get a closer look at the new technologies, products and tools that will be on display for demonstration. Zebra experts will walk attendees through the features and functionalities of some seriously leading edge stuff, including:


Healthcare demo – for nurses that carry around medication carts, we’ll be demonstrating utility apps that permit these caregivers to work away from the cart more effectively by using a mobile device that frees them from the cart to remain right at the patient’s side throughout the providing of care;


Unique Device Identification (UDI) demo – driven by regulations that require the serialization of every single item that a patient doesn’t ingest—from insertions and tongue depressors all the way to patient gurneys and wheelchairs—we’ll be demonstrating how this essential component can be added to an application to ensure a medical device manufacturer’s compliance.


Come to APPFORUM AMERICAS May 9-11 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas USA and APPFORUM EUROPE June 14-16 at Andel’s Vienna House in Prague, Czech Republic, to grow your business in current markets, expand your presence in new markets, and get ideas for new apps.


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