In today's business market, corporations are seeking greater flexibility and mobility in their organizations to support workers. For instance, it takes time for a nurse on the hospital floor to go back to the nurse's station to document medical needs of patients. Mobile devices are bringing the workstation to the nurse in the patients' room. In a recent Horizon Business Innovation podcast, Zebra Technologies James Morley-Smith, EMA CTO, shared his belief that CIO's and organizations need to empower and exploit the full potential of applications, devices, and users. Flexible devices enable flexible working. Joining Morley-Smith is Chris Price, CIO of West Midlands Police and he agrees with Morley-Smith. As he explains, when a police officer is engaging with a citizen, he doesn't want to fumble with technology but may need help with directions through voice-enabled technology so flexible, multi-tasking devices become a priority.


Morley-Smith and Price also share similar viewpoints on security and see that Android, with 80% of the market share, is becoming a more usable platform for organizations. They also agree that security and cyber-security issues in organizations and the enterprise are often cultural rather than technological. 


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