Building off the huge success of the Zebra Americas APPFORUM we have lined up an all-star cast of speakers at Europe APPFORUM to highlight advances in Enterprise Software and how to use them to grow your business.


Prepare to be inspired on how to actually deploy innovative Enterprise solutions leveraging IoT hardware, talking to software, via the cloud to provide businesses with unrivaled visibility. Jack Weixel, Head of Business Development on the Google Enterprise Android team, will kick things off talking about the proliferation of data in the new, connected Enterprise. He will outline opportunities to Sense, Analyze, and Act on this data to provide Enterprise Asset Intelligence.


James Morley-Smith, Zebra EMEA CTO and Director of User Experience, will build on this to highlight Zebra’s strategy to innovate through the Internet of Things, mobility and cloud computing to create Intelligent Enterprises with real-time visibility into their operations. James will showcase several actual use cases and the transformation seen by the corporations and their customers.


Want perspective from another industry giant? Freddrick Uddegard, EMEA Devices & Mobility Compete Lead at Microsoft will outline Microsoft’s mission to empower people and organizations to achieve more through cloud and customer connectivity.


Looking to see how this impacts warehouse workflows? Markus Fogelberg, from the Microsoft Dynamics team, leads a session detailing how Microsoft has modernized the warehouse worker experience in Dynamics 365 for Operations by moving from a browser based scanning solution to an app-based scanning solution using Xamarin Forms.


Want another alternative for connecting your Xamarin app to backend infrastructure? Mike James, Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft Xamarin, will teach you how to reuse your existing .NET skills to build web services into your Xamarin apps, leveraging the power of Azure App Service. He will cover how to get started and deploy your first App Service, look at the .NET client SDK, as well as demonstrate other Azure services such as Azure Search.


Need some additional help adding new and multiple operating system support for your application? Kelly Ungs from Global Platinum Sponsor Ivanti will discuss alternatives, benefits and pitfalls of different methods.


“Code once, rebrand and ship it multiple times” – sounds like a dream come true. Reality shows otherwise with customers demanding a host of unique features and changes. Željko Plesac of Infinum will cover best practices in making white-label apps, demonstrate common mistakes and pitfalls, and show lessons learned.


Proximity and location are becoming a key component to tracking customers, workers, and inventory. Brian Duff, lead on the Context team at Google, will give an overview, use cases, and samples on how to utilize the Google Nearby APIs.


Presenting a different take on location technology is Gonneke Gros, Senior Marketing Director for Global Retail & Hospitality at Philips Lighting. Gonneke will present a live demo and discuss deployed solutions of indoor locationing using Philips LED lighting on Zebra’s MC18 and other Android devices.


Andy Zmolek, lead for Enterprise Ecosystems at Google Android, will outline changes to Android that make it an Enterprise-friendly platform. addressing common concerns Android Work for Enterprise Apps.


IBM’s Glynn Bird, Developer Advocate, dives into the buzz around blockchain technologies. He will cover what they are, how they work and what are the most promising Enterprise applications. Find out and discover how “Smart Contracts” can spice up the blockchain functionality and tie in to distributed databases.


These are just a sample of the many sessions at Europe APPFORUM. There are still a host of sessions lead by Zebra product and regional leads. We also have several feedback sessions giving you the opportunity to let us know what features and capabilities you are looking for to enhance your Enterprise Solutions. I encourage you to review the schedule, sessions, and speakers to find the sessions that resonate most with you.


And lastly, don’t forget to register to attend Zebra Europe APPFORUM! I look forward to seeing you in Prague.