Back in the fall of 2016 as we created the tagline Innovate. Engage. Transform. for the APPFORUM 2017 conferences I never dreamed how prescient they would be. We just wrapped up Europe APPFORUM 2017 in Prague where we had our largest ever audience in attendance to hear a phenomenal lineup of speakers talk about the biggest changes in the Enterprise Software space.



Whether focusing on building Augmented Reality apps, Zebra’s new IoT platform, BLE beacons, Android’s place in the Enterprise, or even just reviewing technology impacts in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Transportation & Logistics the audience at APPFORUM was showered with innovative technologies and concepts. There was a huge variety of topics such as evaluating new languages like Kotlin or more efficient ways to integrate functionality like scanning via SimulScan or DataWedge. APPFORUM attendees were especially interested in how Android features translate into Enterprise use cases. Even UX was highlighted. But the Zebra CTO presentation showcasing automated sensing of SmartLens and SmartPack really impressed the crowd.



Technology leaders and developers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even North America came together in Prague at APPFORUM, not just to attend the great talks, but to network. Global and regional product and engineering leads from Zebra were on hand to share strategy and direction, answer questions, and gather feedback to impact future products. Industry leaders from Android, Microsoft (Windows, Microsoft Dynamics and Xamarin), Philips Lighting, Doddle, TomTom and more, led sessions and connected with the audience. Zebra customers and partners took full advantage of the conference to learn best practices from their peers and build new partnerships to expand their businesses and offerings.



The most exciting part of the event to me began in my opening statement: Attendees were challenged to not just sit and watch all the disruptive change occurring in the software space, but to take control and drive the change themselves. Throughout the conference the concept of transforming solutions, applications and workflows took over. In 2015 and 2016, Zebra shared a message around Operating System migration. At Europe APPFORUM 2017 the entire audience focused not on migration, but transformation. Don’t port your app from Windows CE/Embedded to Windows 10 or Android—transform your application with modern technology. Take advantage of the dozens of sensors in your Zebra mobile computer, printer, or scanner to know its usage, location, or behaviors. Let a modern OS like Android manage device memory and streamline your app development process. Provide your users with a cleaner, more efficient experience. Integrate automated sensing, real-time analytics and intelligence to transform customer workflows.


We are all in an amazing position where software is at the forefront of a seismic shift in our industry. APPFORUM helped its attendees understand how to innovate, engage, and transform Enterprise Software lead this shift.


Did you miss out on Europe APPFORUM? You can review presentations from Europe APPFORUM or register for the upcoming Shanghai or Melbourne APPFORUMs.