IMG_7277.jpgMy APPFORUM world tour concluded with the final two conferences in Shanghai and Melbourne. Both were unique events, but smashing successes!


China was the only country to have its own event. It was also the only APPFORUM not conducted in English. This allowed us to have unique sponsors, such as Baidu, and targeted content. The enthusiasm of the attendees affirmed our decision to have a focus specifically on China.


China is very advanced in the deployment of IoT, cloud and mobility. They already have deployments showcased in other regions as technologies of the future, such as cashier-less stores. Discussions around mobility were reduced because adoption is already implied. I found the progress fascinating by both Baidu and Microsoft in their mainstage presentations on usage and strategy of AI. Shanghai attendees were hungry for information that digs deeper on how to make the most out of the Zebra portfolio and how to better partner with Zebra. Following one session on optimizing printing, a hot topic in Shanghai, one participant proceeded to outline his architecture on a white board during the Q&A time to brainstorm with the group on solutions. From web printing to design tools, participants were enthusiastic for this opportunity to learn more.


20170731-062.jpg20170731-014.jpgThe Melbourne event stood out for its own reasons—it had very strong attendance by tech leaders from Zebra partners and customers. Conversations focused on technical trends including how Zebra is responding to technology changes in the enterprise and how we are partnering with the Android team. My personal highlight, and that of many of the attendees, was the mainstage “Interview with a CIO” I did with Kevin Drinkwater, CIO of Mainfreight, a global transport and freight company. Kevin bluntly discussed his business challenges and experience of technology and business process updates over the last decade with a focus on Mainfreight’s switch from Windows Mobile devices to Android. He also reviewed his approach to security and the crippling impact security vulnerabilities have had in the industry. It was amazing to see how Enterprises in Australia and New Zealand have an Early Adopter mindset and have embraced the rapid pace of change in modern technology. You can get a sense of the event through this great highlight video, also embedded below.



APPFORUM 2017 identified a true need for Zebra and our partners to continue to engage in ways to shape the future through architecting and building the enterprise. Watch for our continued support of these efforts to bring you top technical trends and information through our blogs, DEV { TALKS } webinars, and Dev Kitchens and Android Workshops in the coming months. Together we can Innovate. Engage. Transform.


Review the presentations from Shanghai and Melbourne.