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Android O Puts Limits On Broadcast

As a hedge against process churn (and battery drain), developers using the implicit broadcast are forced to be more explicit.


End of an Era: Intel Closes Doors to IDF

Developers planning to get their big Intel announcements at the Intel Developer Forum had better start making other plans.


African Internet Registry to Withhold IP Addresses 

Afrinic, the organization in charge of allocating IP addresses to African nations, is considering a ban on countries that block citizen access to the internet.


Google to Allow Russian Search, Apps on Phones

Smartphones sold in Russia will be allowed to come with apps rivaling Google's own, thanks to an out-of-court settlement brought about by a Russian watchdog group.


Ski Resort Replaces Lift Tickets with RFID

A ski resort in British Columbia has implemented an RFID system that replaces the paper lift ticket with an RFID pass, helping improve security and prevent unauthorized sharing.


Chinese Shipper Improves Sorting with Robots


UPS Uses Beacons to Prevent Mishaps

The United Parcel Service is implementing Bluetooth-based technology to help get packages onto the correct trucks. 


Beacons Show Waze Through Tunnels 

Auto navigation systems go dark inside most tunnels, and take a moment to reorient when the vehicle emerges from the other end. Beacons are helping to solve this problem.  


A Five-Minute Lesson for Using RxJava with DiffUtil

Erik Hellman, developer at Hellman Software AB, offers a brief tutorial for using RxJava to easily generate code using DiffUtil on large or complex comparisons.


The Rise of the 'Expert Beginner'

One developer's perspective on why good developers often end up leaving organizations while the mediocre developers stay and get continue to advance.


A DroidCon Italy Roundup

Dan Quagliana, Zebra's Global Developer Relations Manager,  shares his perspectives and experiences from this year's conference in Turin.  

Alarming security trends top this week's news stories, while Android O continues to advance. There's also a way to run Android apps natively on the desktop, and advice for users of Zebra's multi-SIM TC75 device.


Flaws Found in Fingerprint Finder

An study published in IEEE Transactions found that criminals could access nearly two-thirds of fingerprint scanners.


Malware Programs IoT Devices to Steal Bitcoins

Blockchain technology never seems to get a break from hackers. Its latest threat comes from Mirai malware, which attempts to spring small leaks in the bitstream.


Anbox: Run Android Apps Natively on the Desktop

Simon Fels, lead developer at Canonical has released Anbox, an open source project that uses no emulators to run Android apps on Ubuntu and other desktop-style Linux versions.


Smartphone Display: Heal Thyself

Researchers are developing a type of glass that can detect fractures and within 24 hours, extrude a healing polymer. Scientists warn: there will be some scarring.


Android O Making Strides

Here's a conglomeration of articles from XDA Developer covering Android O activities, including this close-up of the latest added features.


Changes to Device Identifiers in Android O

Here's a recent post from Google Privacy Engineer Giles Hogben giving the inside perspective on what's coming down the pike.


Here's How to Select a SIM in Zebra's TC75

Zebra's TC75 Touch Computer lets the user select between its two nano-SIM and one mini-SIM slots in the device. Here's how to make that work. 


Java vs. Kotlin: Short, Funny and Useful

For Java developers looking to shorten their codebase, David Schreiber-Ranner, a developer with PSPDF, makes a brief and amusing case with humor and real code.


The State of the Developer Nation

Here's an infographic for developers with facts and figures, tools and targets, skills and salaries, and other information that might be of interest. 


Retail Stores of the Future?

The retail experience 10 years from now might not look very different from today. But technology will be present in ways both obvious and subtle.

This week will bring one update to a current Windows release, one release of a future Android version, Lambda support of Node, and the revelation of two dangerous exploits.


'Android O' Developer Preview Released

The latest build extends battery life with background limits, and introduces fine-grain control over app notifications.


Windows 10 'Creators Update' Drops Tuesday

Windows veteran and "Field Guides" author Paul Thurrott takes a sober look at Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, and highlights the few important bits.


Blockchain Reaching for the Skies

The technology behind Bitcoin continues to garner attention; most recently by the aviation industry.


'Pegasus' Malware for Android Detected

The world's "most dangerous" piece of malware has found its way to Android, and it won't be taken alive.


Apple, Android Devices Victims of 'Drive-By' Wi-Fi Exploit

Devices running Android and iOS alike can be victims of Broadcom's Wi-Fi security hole as Apple and Google work on fixes.


Zebra 'LifeGuard' Extends Android Security

Company unveils an extended service plan for Android device security and extends the useful life of its devices.


Taking On Warehouse Picking With Robotics

Technology Review takes a look at advancements in robotics that can add artificial intelligence to the mundane.


The TC5 Series: Inside Zebra's Sleek New Devices

Questions and answers with Andy McBain, Zebra's head of regional product management for EMEA. 


AWS Lambda Supports Node 6.1

The Android Web Services Lambda function, which allows code to be run without server provisioning or management, can now be configured using Node code uploaded as a Zip. 

It has been a fairly slow week for Industry News. So why not order a pizza and have it delivered by drone?


Skype Founders Now Delivering Pizza

A handful of Domino's restaurants in Germany and Holland are testing a ground-based drone to deliver as many as eight pizzas at a time. Have some grease ready for the tip.


Link-OS Tech Services Update (pdf)

Zebra issued a Technical Services Update for Link-OS, the company's operating system for enterprise printers. The report includes numerous links to all the OS's latest features and enhancements. 


Dell Goes Heavy Into Rugged Tablet-Convertible
Ruggedized laptops and light-weight convertibles from Dell have been available for years. This week the company unveiled a ruggedized convertible with a screen that spins.


Telecom CEO's Take on IoT 'Revolution'

On his returning from the Mobile World Congress, Andrew Penn, CEO of the major Australian carrier Telstra, says that IoT is not about technology.


Apple's Latest iOS Security Guide
For apps that process payments or use certificates or single sign-on, Apple's March 2017 iOS Security Guide is worth a read.