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Android 'Oreo' Promises a Smarter, Faster Mobile OS

The next Android edition changes a few important things. Read the Android Authority review and the official migration guide.


Google Partners Promise Oreo-flavored Hardware This Year

LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony are among the hardware makers that have committed to releasing devices with the cream-filled cookie inside.


Oracle Explains Why It Will Open Java EE Source Code

Company seeks a more inclusive governance process, more flexible licensing and a Java community that's more responsive to market needs.



IBM Uncovers Mass Partnership, Beefs Up Blockchain Adoption

In partnership with major food makers across the U.S., IBM is leading an effort to use shared ledger technology to improve consumer confidence in the food supply.


A New Breed of Sensors Use Almost No Energy

A new technology that combines RFID with an ultra-low power sensor have applications across the internet of things, including medical, industrial and agricultural.



Motorola's Plans for a Phone With Self-Healing Glass

The company's patented process uses heat to literally melt the effected areas to repair cracks.


Court Orders Microsoft to Allow LinkedIn Data to be Harvested

Talent management company hiQ Labs, which makes its bones scraping public data from sites like LinkedIn, defeats Microsoft's attempt to block it.


Kotlin 1.1.4 Fixes Bugs, Performance Issues

The latest version of Kotlin, the new language that runs in existing JVMs, now runs better with the Java 9, adds new features to and improves performance of IntelliJ IDEA plugin, plus a whole lot more.

Finding 'Nearby Connections' Gets Easier

Google in July added higher bandwidth and offline capabilities to its Nearby Connections 2. API. An Android engineer with smart-appliance maker June Oven takes a look.


Microsoft Jumps Into Blockchain With Both Feet

Redmond has unveiled an all-in strategy for supporting cryptocurrency centered around an Azure-based enterprise blockchain service and development framework.


Android Developers: Learn From the Pros

Here are 30 easy-to-digest pointers from Google-certified professional Android developer Aritra Roy that are designed to boost your game.


The World's First AI-written Album Set to 'Break Free'


Android Studio 3, Beta 2 Released

The latest version moves to a newer build of IntelliJ and fixes a compiler exception thrown when using Java 8 with API 19 or higher.


Microsoft Seeks Defect Bounty Hunters

Looking to boost security of Windows 10, Microsoft in late July launched a bug-hunting program with offers to pay as much as $250,000 USD for the most serious threats.


A Practical Application of Bluetooth Low Energy, Part 1

Looking for a complete code sample that connects two devices with Bluetooth Low Energy? Software developer Andrew Lunsford of development consultancy Big Nerd Ranch delivers.


Google Updates 'Android of Things'

Developer Preview 5 is now based on Android O (API level 26), introduces a device management API (for doing reboots and such) and supports more boards.

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The latest in warehouse automation by Cainiao, an affiliate of Alibaba.



Game Makers Use Starcraft to Teach AI

Blizzard has teamed up with Google's Deepmind to make AI more intelligent.


Apple Watch Breaks its Bonds with iPhone

Cupertino is trying to gets its Watch to think different; next versions will be able to get more done without being tethered to an iPhone.


Tesla to Begin Testing Self-Driving Trucks

Electric-vehicle pioneer Tesla in September is expected to begin road-testing autonomous trucks that can travel alone or in convoys.


Android N Update Includes 'Seamless' Updates

Android Nougat 7.1 will help prevent over-the-air updates from leaving behind a a brick.


Researchers Developing a Battery-Free Smartphone

Futuristic phone runs on the tiny electrical energy in radio waves that constantly coat the planet.


Drones Find Niche in Insurance Business

With newly relaxed federal government regulations, insurers are having an easier time using drones to help ease property inspections.


How Home Automation Can Go Terribly Wrong

Warning: Some of these are pretty gross.

Glass Enterprise.png

Google Glass Makes its Debut in the Enterprise

Falling somewhat short of a consumer craze, Glass Enterprise Edition might find better footing.


Windows 10 Eye Tracking Ready for Public Testing

Microsoft just last week unveiled Eye Control, offering screen navigation help for the physically disabled. To test, download the latest insider preview build.


Ice Cream Pops in Japan Now Melt More Slowly

Japanese researchers found that ingredients extracted from strawberries help ice cream keep its shape in the heat.


Conflict Erupts at Google Over Free Expression

A 10-page paper critical of the company's diversity policy as "left leaning" and oppressive sparks a social media firestorm with demands for heads to roll.


U.S. Secret Service Testing Drones to Boost Security

The United States Secret Service, currently charged with protecting President Trump, will add drones to its site security screening toolbox.


Move Those Couches, Ikea's Making Room for Solar Panels

The Swedish furniture giant will be selling solar battery kits (without panels) starting at just under $10k. It's unclear whether that comes with a free couch.


Forbes: 92 Percent of Computing Will be Cloud-based

With the emergence of IoT and big data, Forbes tech pundit Joe McKendrick cites research to prove his assertions.


If Speed is the Need, Do it In-Memory

Not a new concept, but in-memory computing is nearing its next phase as approaches emerge to make performance gains more widespread.