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'BlueBorne' is an Equal Opportunity Threat

Anything with Bluetooth, including devices running Android, iOS, Linux and Windows, is vulnerable to any of eight separate flaws revealed last week and collectively known as "BlueBorne."


Chilling Video: Watch as Hacker Uses BlueBorne to Take Over a Pixel 


Artificial Intelligence Is Good For Guessing Passwords

Technology that calculated 25 percent of LinkedIn's 43 passwords is being used to improve security by getting better at the guessing game.


Scanner Detects Food Freshness


Using a pair of optical sensors, the Bosch X-Spect can decipher fabric types, the composition of a stain and whether a peach will taste sweet.


Android Studio 3 Beta 6 is Available

The latest beta fixes issues related to httpclient, corrupt DEX files and build failures resulting from older versions of CMake. For access, visit the Early Adopter download page.


Apple vs. Google: Whose AR Tools are Better?

Augmented Reality is arguably one of the next great frontiers in development. With Google's ARCore recently hitting the scene with Apple's ARKit, which is the better choice?


New Wireless Charger Works in a One-Foot Radius

Silicon Valley startup Pi Inc. is taking pre-orders for the Pi Charger, a cone-shaped device that uses beam-forming technology developed at MIT to direct resonant induction fields only where devices are.


'Zero-Touch Enrollment' Elevates Staging to New Level

Zebra is among the companies working directly with Google on technology introduced this week that allows devices to be pre-configured so that users can power up and immediately start being productive.

We kicked off our second podcast celebrating the Day of the Programmer! Hear all about what this means on this week’s podcast.


Our hosts, Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations and Mark Jolley, Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales & Developer Engagement, also chatted about some important events and tech trends including:


Droidcon Berlin Wrap Up

What we learned about Android Security and other top trends at September’s 2017 conference.


Android Oreo

The latest updates and features.


EAI - Enterprise Asset Intelligence

Current candidate status and when we’ll announce our selected test partners.


Tracking Player Performance in the NFL

Learn about how we are measuring each players’ performance through tags and sensors.


We'll see you next month for a new podcast. Check out our SoundCloud channel series.

C# 8 Features Revealed; Still No Word on Release Date

The .Net Foundation, custodians of Microsoft's C# language, have added nullable reference types, default interfaces and other features it says are aimed at improving code quality.

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Google Reboots Android One Strategy

Company's strategy for reducing cost and waste with a lightweight operating system reportedly returns to the front burner.


Bluetooth Breakthrough Connects Four Devices At Once

Paris-based Tempow has developed a means of connecting as many as four audio devices to a single Bluetooth host, and the Moto X4 is the first device to bring it.


Sharp Returns to the Smartphone Market

Company known for its high-tech monitors and proprietary display technology will emphasize the screen to stand out in a crowded field.


Alexa, Siri Design Flaw Leaves All Voice Assistants Vulnerable

Using a technique call the DolphinAttack, Chinese researchers found that human voice commands converted to inaudible frequencies remain effective on the devices.


MIT Explains How AI Can be Used to Reduce Shoplifting

San Francisco-based startup Standard Cognition is focused on automated checkout using networks of cameras, machine vision and deep learning.


IBM Investing Heavily in AI

Big Blue has partnered with MIT to build the Watson AI Lab, and will spend $240M over the next 10 years on machine learning and advanced problem solving. 


Robot Learns the 'Rules of the Road'

Researchers at MIT are developing a set of rules that robots can use to seamlessly blend with humans.