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IBM's New Model for Serverless Apps

Big Blue is expanding on the function-as-a-service paradigm with Composer, which works with Node.js but can easily adapt to Python or other languages. Learn more and download Composer on git.


Google Clamps Down on Gmail Security

Now Gmail users have the option of adding a hardware key or token to their account, making it virtually impossible to hack or fall victim to "Podesta-style" phishing attacks.


Generate Release Notes Easily With Gradle

Mihail Urmanschi, a software developer at European software consultancy Winify AG, describes a semi-automated method of generating software version docs with a tool you might already be using.


Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft to Offer AI-as-a-Service

Artificial intelligence has quietly entered the homes and workplaces under the names Alexa, Siri, Watson and others. Now it's available as a service.


Microsoft Ventures $3.5M to Find the 'Next Big Thing'

Developers, inventors and other visionaries are being offered $1M in each of three global regions for the top innovation prize plus $500K in Azure credits.


7 Hidden Gems in Visual Studio 2017

Little things mean a lot, especially when they can save lots of time. Here are seven little things that can help reduce the burden of repetitive tasks encountered while programming in VS2017.


Android Working to Reduce 'Porch Piracy'

The retail giant suffers giant loses as delivered packages ofttimes get pilfered before the recipient gets home to receive them. The company is kicking the tires on a few new ideas.


4 Ways to Get More Done At Work

Too many meetings and too little organization are cited as the two leading killers of office-worker productivity. Here are four simple things that everyone can do to counter these issues and get more done.

In this week's podcast, we welcomed back our hosts, Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations and Mark Jolley, Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales & Developer .


As a special treat,  our podcast guest today is Pietro Maggi, Zebra Software Consultant and Sales Engineer, EMEA, who provides a great overview on the decision making process on Zebra's OS journey and what role will Android and Windows Mobile play in the future. We are listening to you, our partners and customers about what you want in the future.


Stay tuned for our next podcast in November. Details coming soon! In the meantime, check out our SoundCloud channel series.

Ordinary SDKs Could Threaten Android Devices: Study

Apps are not the problem, it's the SDKs. That's the finding of SDK management company SafeDK, which compared 190,000 leading apps in the Google Plan store against its list of 1,000 third-party SDKs.


Google Discontinues NFC Feature, Leaves Users Wondering

Used to be that an Android device could be safely and conveniently unlocked using an NFC ring or other handy device. Google last week reportedly killed the feature and people aren't happy about it.


How 'Big Brown' Uses Big Data

A company that moves millions of packages a day had better have a a firm grasp of its data. Learn how UPS is using analytics to improve speed and efficiency of its services.


Chalk Video Conferencing App for iOS Augments Reality


Vuforia, a former subsidiary of chip-maker Qualcomm, uses Apple's ARKit to bend reality to meet participant needs. One bonus feature is the punny slogan: "What will you Chalk about?"


A Pair of Virtual Powerhouses Given Life By Google

League of Legends and Lego, arguably two of the world's most popular themes right now, will both be brought to life in AR fashion using Google's ARCore technology.


Apple's New Stuffed Teddy Bear Enables Kids to Become Virtual Surgeons

In an example of competition spurring innovation, Apple and Google leapfrog each other as their respective ARKit and ARCore development frameworks continue to bear fruit.


Toys-R-Us Tries Augmented Reality to Drive Traffic

As the realities of modern technology nip at the heels of toy-store pioneer Toys-R-Us, the company (which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September) is testing an AR app as a means to get bodies into its bricks-and-mortar stores.


Walmart Wades Into Same-Day Delivery in NYC

Retail giant Walmart, which for years has tried unsuccessfully to open a store in the Big Apple, has purchased Brooklyn startup Parcel, a same-day delivery service that according to a Walmart blog post delivered more than a million meals, grocery and other orders in the last two years.


Google Pixel Buds Take a Run at Apple AirPods

There's more to the rivalry between Apple and Google than AR, and language translation jobs appear to be caught in the crossfire. Google's Bluetooth ear buds can handle 40 languages.


DroidCon 2017 NYC Recap

In case you missed the DroidCon Android conference in midtown Manhattan in late September, here are nine important takeaways according to coding coach Daniel Heron.