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Check out  this week's podcast, Print This! Zebra Custom Print Solutions for Developers


Hosted by: Dan Quagliana, Head of Global Developer Relations and Mark Jolley, Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales & Developer.


Dan and Mark welcomed Rich Bergstrom and Chris Ensign from Zebra's Print Custom Solutions Group. They discussed how they create tools for developers such as Zebra Browser Print, which adds print capabilities to web-based apps. You can deploy from one place for multiple platforms.   They also talked about the need for enterprise security for mobile and print devices. Encrypt it and take your Enterprise Security seriously!


In December, you can look forward to hearing about how to become an ISV or Early Adaptor and  GMS in the Enterprise.  Details coming soon!


In the meantime, check out our SoundCloud channel series.

Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom Takeover Bid

Maker of the Snapdragon processor--used in about 40 percent of mobile devices worldwide--says the $100B offer by the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chip maker ain't enough.


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FDA Approves First-ever Ingestible Patient Med Monitor

Some might find the news hard to swallow, but a pill recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is designed to report to authorities when someone has gone off their meds.


Amazon Echo, Google Home Fall Victim to BlueBorne Attacks

The equal-opportunity exploit BlueBorne, which uses Bluetooth to attack devices regardless of operating system, has claimed victory over two widely deployed AI systems for the home.


Chinese Startup Baidu Unveils Unconventional Smart Speakers

The company also is working on a pair of robots for the home, but details of their intended purpose were not revealed.


New 'IoT' Calculator Helps Companies Decide to Deploy

To develop or not to develop IoT devices? That's a question on the minds of many a board member in today's Internet of Things society. Now there's an app for that.


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How Microsoft is Embracing Android for Mobile

Mobile editions of Office and other Microsoft productivity apps are available for Android and iOS alike. Yet Redmond has clearly chosen sides.


MIT's Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies for Self-Driving Trucks

There's more to driving than maintaining speed and staying on the road. Collision avoidance and life preservation continue to challenge developers of autonomous vehicle technology.


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Scanner-equipped Drones Keep Freight Moving Day and Night

Cost-saving opportunities abound as automated drones perform the tasks--and take the jobs--of warehouse workers who can only dream of being this efficient.


Blockchain Is Poised to Transform Industry

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like it have been much in the news recently, mainly to report gargantuan gains in wealth. Companies are increasingly finding that its underlying blockchain technology has potential well beyond the original mission.