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Zebra Developer Portal, formerly LaunchPad, is in the process of migrating users to Zebra’s single sign-on system. This change means that you will be able to access the same software, knowledge articles and product manuals you have always had on the Zebra Developer Portal as well as content on using the same Zebra user account.


Beginning April 15th at 6:00PM until 11:30PM CDT, new registrations and login functionality may be blocked temporarily.


After that point you may notice a few minor changes. 

  1. The login screen will indicate Zebra Technologies, rather than LaunchPad
  2. Your login may be different:
    • If you have previously created or already have a, Partner Portal, or other Zebra login, you will use those credentials to access LaunchPad
    • If you have only used the Developer Portal previously, you will receive an email from Zebra with your new account details in
  3. Your username is the email address that was associated with your LaunchPad account.
  4. You may be asked to change your password on first login.
  5. You will be able to easily reset your password using the links on the sign in screen.
  6. You will be able to hide your email address and other personal details more effectively by editing the privacy settings on your profile.


  Thank you for your patience during this transition.

On December 4, the Zebra developer community will have a new location and a fresher look—while retaining its familiar features and functionality. The new URL is: Although the old URL will continue to work for some time, users should update their bookmark now. 

Ritesh Gupta

Tablet Plus Launch

Posted by Ritesh Gupta Sep 1, 2015

Join members of the Zebra Technologies executive staff and product experts on September 15th,2015 where we will discuss the changing mobile computing operating system landscape as well as unveil new enterprise-grade hardware and software mobile computing solutions designed to meet the needs of your enterprise Registration link:

If you've got a smartphone, chances are you've used Apple's App Store or Google Play and to downloaded some apps, and probably more than a few times. You might also have noticed that installed apps periodically get updated—sometimes automatically, sometimes with your approval—and afterward usually work better or have some new features added in.

Wouldn't it be great if the apps you build for your company's enterprise devices could be deployed and maintained in the same way? The good news is that they can if your company is using Android devices from Zebra Technologies.


On May 4, Zebra launched AppGallery, an all-new marketplace for enterprise mobile apps that companies can use to deploy and update their own apps and acquire new ones from other companies and ISVs. The site makes it easy to find Android apps written specifically for vertical industries, including healthcare, education, retail, logistics, manufacturing, public safety and many more.

The AppGallery service is free of charge to Zebra partners and ISVs and includes basic usability and security testing. All apps are scanned for malware and other security threats through a partnership between Zebra and an industry-leading security tools provider. Two additional certification levels are available for a fee. Apps can be submitted for testing against a particular Zebra mobile device to earn "Compatible" status. Developers also can opt for the highest-level "Validated" status, under which Compatible apps are tested for all functions and applicable usage scenarios such as scanning and roaming.


The AppGallery will support apps written for Android Jellybean and KitKat running on Zebra's TC55, TC70, TC75, MC32, MC40, and MC67 mobile computing devices. Available now at, the free service already includes a large repository of vertical-market apps written by Zebra partners and independent software vendors that are searchable by industry, compatible device or app type. The system also provides a private area that allows partners to limit application access and distribution of their apps to company employees. A notification system keeps app users informed of updates. App push, payment and licensing capabilities are planned for later this year.

So most of us probably still live very much in an email world. You may love facebook, twitter, etc to communicate with your friends and family, but from a business point of view email is still king. So here are some tips for getting the most out of Launchpad right from within your email client. Of course we would love you to log into Launchpad everyday, but you can still do quite a bit without even having to open up a browser.



So you are on a plane building the next great RhoElements application and you come across something you can't figure out - so what would you do? When you land you would probably get caught up in the hundreds of emails waiting for you and forget to post the question when you get back to your office. Well, what you could have done was to send an email while on the plane and when you you land your email would sync and your question would be posted to the discussion forums automatically. By the time you get back to your office, someone would probably have an answer posted to your question. Sounds good? Well let's get you setup so that you can fully take advantage of this. The way this works is that each Space has a unique email address. When you navigate to each space, in the actions menu you will see a link Create by email.



Remember that each space has a unique email address. So you will have to repeat this for all of the spaces you wish to start a discussion for.In the example above the email address that I will get from clicking the menu will only be for the Installation Space inside the RhoElements - The specified item was not found.. Once you click this menu you will see a popup dialog giving you an option to download a vCard:



Select Discussion and Download vCards. You can then import these vCards into your email program (if it didn't already auto start) and save them as any other contact. So now when you address an email to that contact, it will automatically get inserted into the space that the email address is linked to.




So we just went over how to start a Launchpad Discussion using your email client, now lets discuss how you can respond right from within your email client as well. The first thing to do is to make sure you are following the spaces that we have. Read the prior post on how to do that. You also need to make sure your preferences are checked so that the All Activity option is checked. All Activity will send you individual emails each time a new discussion is posted.



Now initially you may balk at this, but alas there is a way to manage it quite easily. The emails that come in are very 'rule friendly'. Each email will come from (even though it shows the person's name that created the discussion, you can still easily create an email rule to say put these emails in a certain folder for your "daily perusal" later. Also the subject of the email also has the name of the space in it, so you could additionally setup an email rule around that to even further divide them.



Even if you do not want to setup these email rules to manage them there will be so much great content in the details of these emails, I would hate for you to miss them by just getting a daily digest. So now when you see an email come in about a topic you either want to find more about or have a possible answer for, you can simply just respond right in your email client. The platform automagically takes just what you typed in an inserts it as a reply just as if you logged into your browser and filled out the reply form.




Robert Galvin

Staying Informed

Posted by Robert Galvin Nov 3, 2011

So you have registered for a Launchpad account, now what you say? The next thing you should do is follow the spaces you are interested in. Before we get into that, all content in Launchpad is centered around the concept of a Space. Within each space, there are three types of content Blogs, Documents and Dicsussion. There are also sub-spaces within a space.



By default when you sign up for access you are not "following" any of these spaces. So when new content is added you will not be notified that this new life saving document or discussion has been posted.



The easiest way to do this is to:

1) Click Browse / Places /Select List View (or click this link)

2) Go right down the list and click the menu next to each Space - if it says "Follow" click it - that means you are not following the space and missing out on staying informed.




You will start receiving emails when new content is published, but you will not be spammed. In fact you do have control over what information is sent to you and how frequent it gets sent. I do strongly urge however that you do sign up for all activity and not a daily digest. You might think you are saving time by being able to just read one email a day, BUT if you do this, you will only see a list that includes a subject of the topic or discussion. You will not see the details, and maybe a detail will be easier caught in your daily email perusal then having to remember to read the daily digest and then click into each item you are interested in. Also you will not be able to respond to any discussions from within you email program if you are subscribed to a daily digest. So after you "follow" each space you wish to subscribe to, go into your Preferences and select what the system should send you email about. Also like I said before change the Followed Activity to All Activity:


There is definitely a lot of great information in Launchpad. It spans across the 3 main types of content in the system Blogs, Discussions and Documents. Here are some really quick ways to browse through the content to learn something new each day:



  1. Click Browse in the top bar
  2. Click Content on the menu
  3. Click the Discussions Tab
  4. Then change the drop down to to only show Answered Questions


or even easier - save this link to you browser bookmarks. Any time you see a green speech bubble that means a question has been answered.



The Blog feature on Launchpad is used to point our specific things that might make your life easier in developing you app. As questions are asked and answered there are usually topics that come up that need a bit more guidance in either explanation or walkthrough how to use a particular feature etc. The blogs will tend to be more on the tutorial side or to point out something interesting or useful. Check these frequently, by clicking on this link - the most recent blog posts will be at the top.




A great way to learn is to actually look at something that is working and then figure out how it did what it does. Be sure to check the Code Sample section to download small micro-apps that are designed to demonstrate and teach you something specific. Make sure to bookmark this link to quickly get to a list of these code samples.


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