• Simulate a mouse button click - SendInput or something else

    Hi Folks,   What am I trying to do   I need to simulate a mouse click in my application (deploying to Handheld MC9200, developed in C# Visual Studio 2008, WCF and .Net 3.5). Previously in the application, ...
  • Is there a slimmer way to scan? (Mk3100) (Windows C 7)

    I have the API from the EMDK, and either the Barcode1, or Barcode2 are pretty lengthy. For me anyways hard to even read and understand what's needed just for a basic scan. I was wondering if there was an easier way to...
    Blake Peavy
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  • OnScan notifier not being called

    Hi Folks,   What I am trying to do   I am porting an old VS 2008 application from Psion TekLogic to Zebra symbol (handheld mc9200). The app is a winforms .Net application written in C#.   I have hit ...
  • Windows API Library with Ansi C (not Unicode) for MC3200 / Windows Embedded C7

    Hello,   we have to do a porting from a windows ansi C (not Unicode) Application to the MC3200/Windows embedded C7. We can't find a library for Windows embedded C7/ARM4 with the standard Windows API -A(ANSI) ...
    Frank Weisenberger
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  • Issues while debugging my program. i think  with PSDK MC92

    Dear colleagues,   Since the devices upgraded the OS to Windows embedded 7.0 ( i am talking about the MC92 and MC32 mostly) we need the special PSDK per type off device. I write programs With VS2008 I am having...
    Maarten Van Reeth
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  • scanning with MC32NO / Windows Embedded C 7.0

    Hello to all,   We have to do a porting from    MC9090s mit Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC to    MC3200 mit Windows Microsoft Windows Embedded compact 7.0.   The software is written...
    Frank Weisenberger
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  • Porting from Psion Teklogix - Getting lost!

    Hi all,   Newbie here so be gentle : )   What I am trying to do   I have a visual studio 2008 winforms C# application that was deployed and working great on a psion 7535 handheld. The time has now co...
  • Krack attacks and motorola devices updates

    Hey, does anyone know if Motorola devices are somehow affected by recent krack attacks (krackattacks.com) and if they/Microsoft will provide fixes for devices with Windows embedded?   We have lots of customers ...
    Giedrius Banaitis
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  • Development for RFID FX7400

    Hi All   We`d like to start programing to get data from a FX7400 RFID device. Does anyone know how to do that?   Any help is highly appreciated. Regards.
    Guillermo James
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  • MK500 PocketBrowser 3.1 SLOW!!!!

    I created a simple PHP application that captures a single scan and enter. The app works perfectly On PC and the Kiosk! Problem is, on each page refresh or transversal, it takes 4-5 seconds to load! That's insane! ...
    Michael Viox
    created by Michael Viox
  • I can't scan on MK500

    Hello.   I have the ZEBRA MK500, I developed an app written in c# .net compact framework 2.0 the scanner is already activated with the datawedge taskbar icon. I followed this steps http://www.fixya.com/support/...
    Sergio Contreras
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  • Disable App Center on Startup

    Hi, is there a some method to remove de App Center on start? i have the Zebra MK500
    Sergio Contreras
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  • Citrix Receiver

    I am looking for a Citrix Receiver (ICA)  that will run on WEH 7 or on WM 6.5?
    Daniel Teeters
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  • mk500 connect to mysql

    Hi, Is it possible to connect to Internet  using Symbol Poket Browser ?   The only thing I want to do is : - scanning the bacode (ok, works well) - sending the barcode to a linux/PHP/Mysql Server, - gett...
    Catherine ANDRE
    created by Catherine ANDRE
  • Omnii XT15 WM6.5 suspend timeout

    Hello,   is there a setup available to extend the timeout for suspending the device greater than 5 minutes?   HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\Timeouts BattSuspendTimeout=1800   does not ...
    Uwe Schilling
    created by Uwe Schilling
  • MK500 Auto Trigger in PocketBrowser

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to set up an MK500 laser-based micro kiosk with PocketBrowser. I have found how to set an imager-based MK500 to presentation mode, but I can't see how to set the auto trigger for the laser s...
    John Reisinger
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  • Poor picture quality using color camera MC67 using library Symbol.Imaging2 for EMDK 2.9 for .NET

    Recently I posted a question about a problem using the Symbol.Imaging2 library with the MC67. It turned out that the BSP was old.   But now I've come across a different problem. The pictures that I take is of e...
    Magnus Wallstrom
    created by Magnus Wallstrom
  • Camera Capture in MC67 not possible due to possible bug in library Symbol.Imaging2 for EMDK 2.9 for .NET

    I believe that I have come across a bug in the library Symbol.Imaging2 that resides in EMDK 2.9 for .NET. An application that I'm working with have a camera capture function where we use the library Symbol.Imaging2 ...
    Magnus Wallstrom
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  • Failed to open the usb port LPT1

    Hi, I am trying to print some text from MK500(windows CE5.0) to QL220 Plus and QLn220.   MK500 to QL220 Plus is working fine. But when I connect to Qln220 I get following error while opening the connection. ...
    Gopal Chauhan
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  • Print from MK500 to QLn220 printer

    Hi, I am trying to get print from MK500 to QLn220 printer(through usb). But its not working. For QL220 plus its working fine. I had to install "Printer Driver Delivery Package MKXXWC50PRN010102.zip" for QL220 plus. ...
    Gopal Chauhan
    created by Gopal Chauhan