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Don’t just collect data. Put data to work with Zebra Savanna, a breakthrough data intelligence platform. Savanna makes it easy to collect data from Zebra devices and sensors in real-time, then it analyzes that data to give you a more complete picture of your business and help you discover your next best move.




Smart sensors and Zebra devices securely collect operational data from the edge of your business, from barcodes being scanned, to device location and device health.




Savanna stores, processes and integrates the information collected, combining real-time data from devices with historic data, to create a complete picture and intelligent insight of your business.




Savanna powers applications with raw and intelligent data via secured and structured APIs, enabling your solutions to recommend the next best move, to boost efficiency and optimize your workflows.



Learn more how ISVs are partnering with Zebra to address their IoT and sensor needs with Savanna.

Savanna Press Release

Savanna Product Page

We've just posted more information about the program on the new Zebra EAI Accelerator Program Page.  You can also download the Program Guide.



Below is the full announcement video from the Zebra APPFORUM (NALA 2017)

Zebra is laying the groundwork for innovations that will enable the Intelligent Enterprise with our new EAI Accelerator Program, a revolutionary new technology incubator that brings together application developers and designers with Zebra technologists and product leaders. This new program is designed to build applications that fundamentally change the way enterprises work. And you’re invited to apply to become part of the program.


The EAI Accelerator is an opportunity to participate in our journey to deliver and monetize your own business solutions through data-driven insights. The program will select technology innovators who will receive access to edge-level datasets, APIs and Zebra developer and technical resources to power their applications. Access to the data that we are collecting from devices, things and environments will enable developers to identify and create new intelligent applications that add more value for customers and generate more revenue for you.


  To learn more about the program and begin the application process, visit .