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If you are developing apps to print, you know they are easy to write, but hard to get right. Over the years, the Zebra ISV team has tested hundreds of apps and noticed many similar points of failure and poor user experience. The Best Practices are a collection of things to watch out for. The document goes into recommendations for how to develop for these as well as methods to test apps for best user experience when printing.

The updated guide is on our Techdocs site:

Available Product Documentation - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

We will also went through these best practices in detail in the DEV{TALK} on Wednesday Nov 15. See the video here.

As the holiday season is approaching, we anticipate Apple will shutdown iTunes Connect review process next month. During the shutdown, submissions of new apps and app updates will not be accepted and processed. Last year, the shutdown took place December 23rd through the 27th.


If you plan to schedule app releases or other app changes that require your app to undergo Zebra's whitelisting process, please plan accordingly as we've previously received many requests around this time. If you are unsure whether or not you must register your app with Zebra, please refer to iOS App White Listing FAQ page.


Watch for the 2017 Apple Winter Holiday shutdown dates soon!

The New .NET SDK was not the only recent update. We’ve fixed the bugs and most of the other SDK’s and included these updates on our documentation. The Zebra ISV team has also updated it's Best Practices and includes more clarification around each practice area and basic code snippets showing how to implement many of them.

You can find these documents on Techdocs

KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) is a security vulnerability that targets a key step in the Wi-Fi authentication protocol to break security encryption. These vulnerabilities could enable a proximate attacker (within Wi-Fi range of both the client device and the access point) to access and tamper with Wi-Fi packets over connections that are protected by WPA/WPA2 encryption.

The Link-OS printer operating system builds that address the Key Reinstallation Attack are now available on the Support and Downloads site.

Zebra takes security seriously and recommends that customers update to the latest OS/Firmware to minimize security risk.

.NET developer? Tired of the mobile developers getting all the good stuff?


Good News! Zebra just released a .NET SDK for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and you’ll find most of the great API's from our Java SDK as well as comprehensive documentation and sample code.  This release includes everything from connection classes for network, USB, and Bluetooth(Windows 10 only), to settings and graphics functions. 


  • iOS developers will find some new functionality in the form of sendAndWaitForResponse methods as well as parameters to fine tune the connection opening and closing methods.  It has also been updated for iOS 10 and 11.
  • Android sample code is now configured for Android Studio, and the PrintStation app has been updated for newer versions of Android.
  • Multiple bugfixes


Download the SDKs here!

In late September, Apple officially released iOS 11. With the upgrade to iOS 11 on iOS devices, we’ve seen people experience Bluetooth disconnection to Zebra Bluetooth enabled printers. The common symptom is that the app on iOS 11 device can no longer print labels suddenly, even though the printer appears as "Connected" in the settings. The user had to “forget” and reconnect  the printer in settings to resume printing. However, printing stopped again after one or two labels.


Here's how to fix the disconnection issue! In iOS v11 and above, due to Apple’s requirement to use version 2 of the iPod Accessory Protocol (IAP) to manage Bluetooth connections, Zebra recommends that developers place a one second delay between when they close a Bluetooth connection and when they attempt to open another Bluetooth connection. If an application adopts the changes in this way, the app on iOS v11 will work well together with our printer, no matter what firmware version is on the printer.


We will update the readme file in our SDK to share this same info. Stay tuned for more info!

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