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The newly released v2.11 SDK includes support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) in the Java-based Android and PC toolkits. You can now quickly add BTLE support to Java-based apps for use on Android and PC devices. This SDK lets you save considerable time as you develop your own solutions.


New Source Code, new Developer Demos and documentation in the Zebra SDK make adding BTLE simple and straightforward. We’ve also expanded the use of our very fast “large file transfer” MultiPartForm technology to support additional use cases, such as creating printer profiles and sending fonts or graphics to printers. The new SDK also offers additional graphic conversion methods as well as a new “file freshness” feature that can help you detect if the contents of a file on the printer are changing.


This new SDK supports all of the Mobile, Industrial or Desktop printers in the Link-OS family, including the iMZ, QLn, ZQ500, ZT200, ZT400, ZD500 or ZD400 series.


To download the SDK, go to our LINK-OS MULTIPLATFORM SDK page.


For more information, go to Zebra’s Application Note Link-OS® Environment Bluetooth® Low Energy.


This Application Note outlines the basics for printing to and developing apps for Zebra printers. It details the process of setting up and beginning to use a Zebra printer.


This document includes the following sections:

1.  Setting Up Your Zebra Printer

2.  Connecting Your Printer

3.  Testing the Connection

4.  Configuring Your Printer

5.  Designing Your Label

6.  Using Development Tools to Create Your Printer App

7.  Testing Your Printer App


Also for common terms, refer to the Appendix – Common Terms.


Target Audience

This document is for developers with little to no experience using Zebra printers or who need to develop an app to print barcode labels, receipts, RFID tags, or other tracking labels.


Technical Requirements

The information in this Application Note assumes you have technical competence with core programming concepts and rationales.


Note:   It is recommended that you use a PC, because Zebra does not support all of the resources required to set up and use Zebra printers on Macs.


To review the entire process, refer to the Getting Started with Zebra Printers and Apps Application Note document.

Zebra has again expanded and enhanced our Link-OS Multiplatform Software Development Kit.


The new SDK includes support for the Xamarin Cross-Platform Development tool set. Developers can now quickly add printing support to their Xamarin-based apps for use on Android and iOS devices. The extensive Source Code, Developer Demos and documentation in the Zebra SDK make adding print capabilities simple and straightforward. We’ve even gone beyond printing to include features that allow Developers to add Device Management capabilities, such as firmware downloading and status checking to your apps.


Download this new SDK.

To more effectively work across multiple operating systems and utilize the cloud, developers are increasingly building web-based or hybrid (web / native OS) apps.

Unfortunately, many operating systems limit the connections between a browser and peripheral devices, such as a printer. This presents a significant challenge to developers.

This Zebra Application Note document outlines the following options that enable you to create apps with bi-directional communications between your app and the printer.


  • TCP/IP Back – End
  • Cloud Connect
  • Browser Print
  • Enterprise Browser
  • RhoMobile
  • URL Schema


Each section contains:


  • An overview of the solution
  • Process Flow
  • Use cases
  • If available, reference information and sample code


For more information, review the Zebra Web Printing Solutions Application Note document.

Tell us about your use case for web printing and help us create the next set of tools and functionality.

As a reminder, Apple has had an iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown the last several years. If you plan to schedule app releases or other changes in December that require Zebra to perform White Listing for you, please be aware that iTunes Connect will probably be shutdown.


While Apple has not yet announced the dates this year, we estimate that the shutdown will occur for a similar timeframe as previous years. The Zebra White Listing team still needs to perform the required analysis of your app and has traditionally received a large volume of apps during this time, which creates a backlog. Please keep this in mind when planning your application development cycles.


We would appreciate submissions by the first week of December to allow us to manage the review of all apps.

We've developed Getting Started with Android Development Application Note documents that describe the end to end process of designing, packaging, deploying and running an Android application using the Zebra Link-OS™ Multiplatform SDK and Smartphone Utility.


For more information, go to:

APPFORUM 2015 is taking place in Las Vegas, September 21-23 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

APPFORUM brings together independent developers, as well as developers from our ISV and Solution partners and even our customers from across the United States, Canada and Latin America. They come together to participate in a melting pot of keynote sessions, detailed breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, a product fair and of course the opportunity to network with Zebra experts and peers.


Read more about this event.

We have posted 16 new Sample Code articles for Windows Mobile in both C# and VB.NET.


Refer to the Windows Mobile filter under the Sample Code section.

This Application Note describes how to configure a standard websocket server to communicate with Zebra Link-OS printers. It contains information showing how to configure a websocket server and create initial communications to a printer.


This paper is for developers and other IT personnel who wish to:

  • Print labels, invoices, receipts, or encode RFID tags from their web pages.
  • Create a secure and encrypted connection to Zebra printers from either an on premise webserver or a cloud based webserver.



You must have a working knowledge of websockets and want to create a websocket connection using PHP, .NET, or other development environments.


If you want to know about the Zebra Weblink Servlet to use Websockets in Java, see this blog.  We provide a basic server and API's to enable your development.


Note:  This document does not cover Zebra Card printers.


Read this Application Note

Gloria Moreno

ISV Printer News Issue 1

Posted by Gloria Moreno Jun 29, 2015

Welcome to the ISV Printer newsletter. This is the first issue published since Motorola Solutions' Enterprise business has become a part of Zebra Technologies. This newsletter contains a number of updates and changes at Zebra; for example, our corporate and partner program changes, product development tools, and tech news.

Read about this exciting news! We welcome your feedback.

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