USB permissions popup suppression


We have Zebra CC600 devices running Android OS 8.0 and we want to print through USB to ZQ610 printer. We are getting a usb permission popup on the app on connecting it to the printer. Based on the documentation - , we tried setting the vendor id and product id in the device filter xml . However, with the changes suggested in the above link we are still getting the popup first time on first install of the app and on rebooting the zebra CC600 device as well.
I am attaching related files here .
Could you please advise if there is a way to completely suppress this popup as we don not want user intervention when this app goes to stores?
Shweta Pandey

Submitted by Darryn Campbell on June 24, 2019 Permalink

Hi, this is a runtime permission dialog, is it not?  Runtime permissions are automatically accepted for applications installed via StageNow or MX (see the enterprise impact section in my previou Marshmallow guide:…)
If you are installing via EMM, the EMM will also often have a way to allow you to auto-accept these permissions