Announcing our Zebra DevTalks Community Day
One day – Multiple Talks – Free to Attend


In an effort to stay committed to finding the right and safe ways to share Zebra updates with our developer community, we are pleased that our Community Day was a great success! Zebra is hosting a developer conference to be held online as a fully free virtual event. Participants learned about the latest and newest features from the Zebra Data Services team, the Mobile Computing team, the Printers team, and many more. Zebra DevTalks Community Day is a series of sessions, each lasting 30-50mins, with a pre-published timeline Keep scrolling for the detailed agenda. Videos will be posted on our YouTube Developer playlist. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at what our first annual event was about.

Schedule details

US CT Sessions Speaker
08:00 AM Welcome & Kickoff
08:20 AM Unlocking Your Customer’s Best Action with Data Dan Quagliana
09:15 AM Developing Android Applications for the HD4000 James Swinton-Bland
10:10 AM A practical guide to Zebra license installation Ian Hatton
10:45 AM Cloud-printing APIs | An Overview Steven Si
11:40 AM Developing apps for Zebra Android Devices | An Overview Kanagal Raj Ramaswamy
12:10 PM Break
13:15 PM Developing RFID solutions using Cloud Connect on your FX Reader Ben Horgen
14:10 PM Using 3rd party client applications and terminal emulations through Zebra Devices Ken Mckenna
14:45 PM Latest Updates to the Mobility DNA Tool Suite Prashanth Kadur
15:20 PM Link-OS 6.3 Manuel Caicedo-Rivera
15:55 PM Zebra Data Services – How it All Fits Together Robin West
16:30 PM ZebraDesigner for Developers Steven Si
17:20 PM Closing notes


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Dan Quagliana , Principal Product Manager, Zebra Data Services
description here
Ben Horgen, Software Engineering Manager, Zebra Data Services
description here
Robin West, Solution Architect, Zebra Data Services
description here
James Swinton-Bland, Developer Advocate, Zebra EMEA
description here
Ian Hatton, PreSales Consultant, Zebra EMEA
description here
Steven Si, Senior Software Engineer, SPG
description here
Ken Mckenna, Advanced Product Manager, EMC
description here
Prashanth Kadur, Director of Software Engineering, EMC
description here
Kanagal Raj Ramaswamy , Software Engineer, EMC
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Manuel Caicedo-Rivera, Senior Software Engineer, SPG


We’ Questions, please email Have a great day!.

Submitted by Raja Karuppasamy on October 01, 2020 Permalink

Hello folks,
I am a newbie to work with any type of printers; so pls excuse if the terminologies I used here are different. I have a web app hosted in Salesforce cloud platform. My requirement is to add printing option enabled in my web page in Salesforce to print directly to Zebra ZD620 printer. Salesforce provides its own hybrid mobile app in both android and IOS platforms. I want this option to work in all platforms - Android, IOS and also in Windows and OSx operation systems.
I am considering BrowserPrint option so that using Javascript library in my web page, I can invoke printing via local wireless network that the printer is connected to (from Salesforce mobile app, ipads or from desktops). I have few questions before starting this with -
1. Will BrowserPrint work in all the operation systems that I mentioned?
2. When I downloaded BrowserPrint SDK, I got this "zebra-browser-print-js-v30216". Is this the latest version that I can try?
3. My understanding is BrowserPrint will work only if we install respective OS drivers in the devices
4. If driver app is mandatory, I can get driver only for Android from here: <a href="…;. This page says if I need driver for Windows &amp; OSx, I should email Zebra customer care which I did 2 days back but no response yet. Is there any other ways to get driver software?
5. For BrowserPrint to work, is it sufficient to have Js library and respective driver in my devices?
6. Our primary requirement is to trigger print via local wireless network and from mobile devices and ipads (some cases desktops as well). If there is any other reliable technology from Browserprint, please advise.
Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
** I am posting here because I couldn't find an option in the community to start a new post. Any suggestion on this as well will be helpful :)