Webinar 10/10/2012 - Performance Series: HTML5 Performance Techniques

Version 5


    In this webinar, the topic is performance. Following up to two recent blog posts on performance, Ben Kennedy a lead software engineer gives an overview of factors that effect web page performance and HTML5. Techniques for loading Javascript and using CSS3 effeciently are covered as well as concepts around Ajax. This is the first of many upcoming webinars and blogs that will cover performance techniques. At the end of the webinar, the Resource of the Week: FireFox 3D Page Inspector is demonstrated to show how it can be used to help with analyzing performance related layout issues. Rob Galvin discusses how this was recently used to help a real world customer with an application issue. Rob also shows how to extened RhoStudio's developers tools with 3rd party developers tools like this one to help find application issues.


    Topics Covered: HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, Chrome Developer Tools, FireFox, RhoStudio, Ajax, Performance


    Slides are attached to this document.


    About the webinar replay:

    - The webinar starts off with a lower resolution than HD, but the main presentation starts around 7 mins and is full screen.

    - The 5 Min Resource of the Week (FireFox 3D Page Visualizer) is discussed around the 48 min mark.

    - Q/A Starts around 55 minutes in