Webinar 10/17/2012 - Direct Database Connectivity Using RhoConnect

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    Direct Database Connectivity Using RhoConnect

    In this session Geoffrey Poremba walks through building a RhoConnect application and connecting it directly to a database. In the example we use MySQL as the database, but the concepts can easily be applied to other databases like SQL, oracle, etc.


    Questions asked during this presentation (Jump to this part of the video)

    Q: instead of writing the SQL code in source adapter again would be great if we can re-use existing stored procedure code

    Q: Can RhoConnect call Stored procedures in a Database (for example stored procedures in Sybase db)

    Q: Is Microsoft SQL Server also included?

    Q: log-off and log-in the client then it should sync with back-end, I hope.

    Q: I have sensitive data.  How is encryption over the connection handled?

    Q: How do you handle errors?  Example: An update that affects no rows.

    Q: How do you handle schema changes? Manually?

    Q: When is login/logoff called by RhoConnect?

    Q: why @dbh and @result is class level variable instead of instance variable?

    Q: How we can configure to connect to a db on different IP instead of localhost?



    Resource of the Week: iwanttolearnruby.com

    (Jump to this part of the replay) For those who are still coming up to speed on the Ruby language, this site offers some getting started videos and tutorials on the Ruby language. Particularly, http;//tryruby.org allows yo to learn and try some ruby fundamentals right in your browser. In 15 minutes it walks you through an interactive tutorial and then let's you try any Ruby syntax without having to install anything on your laptop. After you get your feet wet be sure not to miss the Getting Started with Ruby presentation we did at a recent AppForum Developers Conference.