Version 3



    This week we showed you how to use the amazing  Sublime Text 2 text editor along side of RhoStudio to boost your development productivity. By using built in ST2 features like the command palette (your new best friend), you can easily eliminate time consuming tasks like re-indenting code, changing case, folding code. Multiple cursors also come in handy when you want to quickly change multiple sections of code all in one swoop. There is nothing that drives me more crazy when coding then wasting precious time on silly things like jumping into a different file then you are working on, or jumping right to a method inside that file. ST2 makes it incredibly fast to do this with it's Go To Anything feature (your second best friend). One of the great things about ST2 is that it adapts to the type of file/code you are looking at. This comes very much in handy especially when you are building RhoMobile applications since more than likely it will be a combination of Ruby, Html, Javascript andCSS. Another thing that drives me crazy when coding is having to do repetitive tasks. There always seems to be a chunk of code that I use over and over in different ways, for example the Rho helper function "url_for". Wouldn't it be nice if I could instantly add a 'template' of code and then just change the parameters I need to adjust like the model name or action name? Well wish no more, ST2 gives you Snippets. We show you how to use some of the built in Snippets and how easily it is to create new ones. If that is not enough to make you salivate, you can add even more productivity boosters by installing packages. ST2 has a huge developer community that is growing and what do developers love to do is code right? Well there are packages to do just about anything. Some are packages of just snippets like common jQuery or CSS Media query snippets. Others perform operations that help with your workflow. We show you DataConverter which comes in handy for taking text and changing it to a variety of formats like Ruby hashes, JSON, etc. NetTuts-Fetch is another useful package that aids in instantly retrieving the latest file/zips from a remote repository like jQuery or HTML5 Mobile boilerplate.  So now that you have optimized your time to code, we then show you how to kick off some build tasks right from with-in Sublime Text 2 using it's Build-System feature. For example you just finished working on that new view for the Product data model using ST2 now with one keyboard shortcut you can launch RhoSimulator and see your work come to life without having to open up Eclipse.


    In the last webinar we covered how to make your applications run faster. This webinar is all about making YOU RUN FASTER. From the syntax highlighting to the blazing fast commands, snippets, plug-ins and build-systems, ST2 makes it some much more efficient to write code. Be a happy developer - in a shorter amount of time.