Webinar 11/14/2012 - RhoMobile Applications for iOS

Version 2


    Using RhoMobile and RhoHub for building iOS Apps

    In this webinar, we first spend some time discussing some of the design considerations for making your RhoMobile application appear as native as possible for iOS. This includes how to use HTML5 input types to display some native keyboards/selectors for iOS like date spinners, etc. Then we show you how to use three RhoMobile API's: NativeToolbar, NativeTabbar, Native Navbar to enable native iOS controls.


    Want to build iOS Apps? No Mac? No problem!

    In the last 30 minutes we walk through the process of using RhoHub to build iOS applications all from within Windows without a Mac or needing to setup XCode. This includes generating the certificate signing request on your Windows Desktop and getting through the process on the Apple Developer Portal to enable delivery of the Developer Certificate and Development Provisioning profile that is provided to RhoHub. Once, RhoHub builds the iOS in the cloud, it allows you to download the .IPA file to your desktop and use the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility to copy the provisioning and application files over to a real device like an iPhone, iPad, etc for testing.



    Resource of the Week

    Glyphish.com a great resource for icons to use in your apps. There is a free set as well as a more comprehensive set that has retina ready icons. Nicely done and very professional looking.