Webinar 12/12/2012 -  RhoConnect Push

Version 2

    RhoConnect Push

    This week the topic is RhoConnect Push. The new RhoConnect Push server capability provides a notification service that works across all devices (unlike iOS Push, BlackBerry Push and Google Cloud Messaging which are tied to specific operating systems).   RhoConnect Push also works “behind the firewall” inside a company’s private networks.   Most companies cannot use public push services such as iOS or Google Cloud Messaging for their mission critical and private enterprise apps.  RhoConnect Push provides a highly scalable, simple and inexpensive (free with RhoConnect) option for providing notifications to devices. The primary use of RhoConnect Push is to make push synchronization better, cheaper and more acceptable for more apps, resulting in faster data updates and lower battery usage.  But it can also be used for basic push notification of information to users without sync.   RhoConnect Push has clients available today for Android and Windows Mobile (where this is otherwise no easy option for push notification besides unreliable SMS).   But we plan to open source push client APIs for all operating systems.  This is another feature that only RhoMobile has: you will not see other frameworks offering push servers.