Webinar 1/9/2013 - Native Extensions 101

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    Native extensions allows you to call external API's that are available outside of the RhoMobile platform.In this webinar we walk through the process of building a native extension for Android and for iOS. RhoStudio provides an an easy way to generate a template that contains stubbed out functions for native api calls. We will show you how to use this and simply replace these functions with native API's that you are looking to use inside of your RhoMobile Application. Another common task for native extensions is to hook into Android Intent. In this webinar, we show you a few native extensions using Android Intents like making a phone call, an alternative api to trigger the device's vibrator using a pattern, and lastly we demonstrate calling Google Speech Recognition Intent and returning the converted speech to text back to your application.For iOS, we demonstrate how to add an option to the Settings Bundle and then use RhoMobile's native extensions to read those settings.



    Have you implemented a native extension?

    Respond with your comments on what you have implemented or extensions you wish you had.


    Attached is the sample project used in this webinar.