RhoMobile Books

Version 9

    An Introduction to RhoMobile: Mobile Application Development for Enterprise Data

    An Introduction to RhoMobile contains an overview of the platform and its components; four modules with multiple application development tasks and sample code; and developer tips based on Oak Tree Systems' real-world development of applications to accompany TrainingForce.

    A robust Getting Started section discusses the elements of the RhoMobile platform, and introduces basic concepts associated with creating a Model-View-Controller mobile application.

    The four modules include 18 individual exercises, each designed to introduce a key element of developing a working application.

    • Module 1 explores creation of the basic mobile application and interface.
    • Module 2 works through the creation of a RhoConnect application and the use of a web service to connect with enterprise data.
    • Module 3 extends the application's functionality and branding.
    • Module 4 introduces manipulation of data on the user's device and synchronizing it with the server data.

    The book concludes with a section on common issues and work-arounds, while appendices contain detailed information on the installation of RhoMobile on both a developer workstation and a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

    A number of files to support the reader's practice are available for download. A modified version of Microsoft's AdventureWorks sample database is used in conjunction with a public web service to provide data for student exercises.


    Rhomobile Beginner's Guide

    Rhomobile Beginner's Guide is filled with practical examples to help you to create a mobile application from scratch. You can choose on which operating system to build, as well as for which smartphone to develop your application, giving you the freedom to create a customized mobile application quickly and easily.  Once you have learned how to install Rhomobile on Windows, Mac, or Linux, you will create a simple application, which will be used to explore the products of Rhomobile one by one. Things really get going when you write unit test cases for your application before deploying it to the server and making builds for your chosen Smartphone.  You will learn about the different aspects of Rhomobile, starting with Rhodes 3, which helps you to build a native mobile application. Rhosync 2.1 carries out the offline device capabilities and RhoHub deploys the code on the server and creates a build for the different smartphones.  Rhomobile Beginner's Guide gives you the freedom to create a mobile web application on the platform of your choice, for the smartphone of your choice.  Create mobile applications for almost any smartphone quickly and with ease