Visual Studio RhoMobile Plugin

Version 3


    In this DevTalk

    Adam Blum gives a walkthrough of the new Visual Studio plugin running on Visual Studio 2012 to build Windows Phone 8 applications using RhoMobile. Watch the replay to get a preview showing integrated RhoMobile application generation, generating data model view and controller templates using a wizard, building and running right from Visual Studio 2012. Adam also discusses the plans and timelines around future enhancements for the Plugin.



    Metro UI Styles

    How do you style your application to look like Winodws Phone 8 (aka Metro)? Here is a link to a list of resources including frameworks, stylesheets, etc that can be used to accomplish this. In the coming weeks we will highlight some of these frameworks and do walk-throughs of how you can uses these inside of your next RhoMobile application. Which one have you tried? Share your thoughts on how to create Metro looking apps using CSS/Javascript: