Enterprise Home Screen (EHS)

Version 17

    Enterprise Home Screen


    Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) is a replacement application launcher, for Zebra Android devices, designed to allow only specified applications to be launched.
    For customers for whom the AppLock functionality of Zebra extensions (Mx) does not meet their requirements, Enterprise Home Screen may provide a more suitable alternative.


    1. Replacement home screen/application launcher for Zebra Android devices.
    2. User mode allows only specified applications/links to be presented in the home screen.
    3. Admin mode presents all applications and allows them to be easily added to the user view.
    4. Admin mode protected by 256 bit AES encrypted password.
    5. Auto launch mode to start any number of applications at startup.
    6. Kiosk mode to specify one application to run at startup and prevent the user from pressing Back or Home to exit that application.
    7. Customizable look and feel.
    8. Single xml configuration file for ease of deployment.


    Enterprise Home Screen is configured via an xml file. This file is read on startup and every time the home button is pressed while in EHS.
    The following can be configured…
    1. Auto launch (optional)
    2. Kiosk launch (optional)
    3. Applications
    4. Tools
    5. Password
    6. Preferences
      1. Title text displayed in the launcher title bar
      2. App icon label background color
      3. App icon label text color
      4. Screen orientation
      5. Bypass swipe to unlock
      6. Wallpaper

    Installation and Documentation

    Enterprise Home Screen has minimal installation requirements. All that is required is a Zebra Android device with and SD card and a means of copying the Enterprise Home Screen Android application package file to the SD card.
    To download EHS and documentation, go to Motorola Support Central  and search for "Enterprise Home Screen".