Concierge Overview

Version 3

    Concierge is an end-to-end customer application platform built to enable the development of highly-engaging applications that connect a customer to a retailer's digital services. Supported by all the power of the world's largest mobile platform, Android, a Concierge application provides the same intuitive, playful, and beautiful user interface that consumers demand.


    Android, extended for the customer

    Concierge is an extension of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, or JB). As such, any Android app built for API levels 1 though 16 (JB) can run on Concierge. In fact, a Concierge app is just an Android app that links against the Concierge add-on jar (like Android, Concierge apps are written in Java).


    Concierge APIs and Services

    Beyond the standard Android APIs, the Concierge platform provides a number of APIs that allow Concierge applications to leverage the unique power of the Concierge hardware and services.


    OEM Rebrandable

    From the ground up, Concierge was envisioned to be an OEM product, capable of having its entire look rebranded to match the style guidelines of the retailer, resort, restaurant, etc. As such, Concierge includes a powerful OEM Overlay extension to the Android framework that enables applications to be "written once, rebranded everywhere": a single application build can have all of its colors, images, strings, and even layouts changed post-install.

    Note: The use of OEM Overlays on Concierge requires that developers include the ConciergeSupportLib in their application.


    User sessions

    In stark contrast to a typical Android device that is considered to have a single user, a Concierge may have many, many different users per day. To allow applications to easily respond to the transitions from user to user, Concierge includes a robust user session management system. Clearing a specific user's current application state to provide a clean slate for the next user is as easy as writing a simple BroadcastReceiver.


    Integrated Hardware

    Concierge includes a built-in Motorola SE3307 barcode scanner. Since these are not standard Android hardware components, Concierge provides extended APIs that allow apps to receive user input events from this system as easily as they receive a user's button click.


    Data Management

    Concierge apps should be fast... super fast. Customers won't wait for data to download when they want to shop and browse. To enable this, Concierge provides a managed data backplane capable of serving structured data and files to applications, cached from digital signage, e-commerce, or other assets. The distribution of up-to-date data across the entire install-base can be coordinated so that apps can trust that it will be there when they need to display it.


    Smart Connect

    A smartphone is the most personal device you'll ever own; you take it with you everywhere and use it for just about everything. Concierge apps can achieve instant personalization by leveraging the mobile device integration module, SmartConnect. When a customer touches their phone to the Concierge screen, the two devices become linked and the customer's smartphone becomes another valuable asset for creating apps with an engaging and personal experience.



    Concierge includes a built-in analytics module capable of tracking generic customer actions out-of-the-box, no app-specific code required, and reporting can be enhanced to include the smallest details using simple, common-place APIs. Further, the Analytics system is designed to be extensible to support any analytics reporting service with an easy-to-code plugin framework (Example code for Google Analytics integration is provided as an example implementation).

    Enterprise Management and Manageability

    In addition to providing industry-standard Android enterprise management via multiple MDMs, Concierge also provides powerful app management APIs.