Setting up a Concierge dev environment

Version 7

    1. Download and install the Android SDK

    2. Install the Concierge SDK Add On

    3. Setup ADB connectivity

    4. Importing the ConciergeSupportLib


    A note on Concierge version numbers

    Concierge uses a standard three-digit version numbering sequence (e.g., 1.0.3). Since the Concierge platform is made up of many different components the three digits in the versioning scheme are used to help identify when things are changed as a whole as well as individually. The first two digits are used to identify the system-wide release version and since Concierge has not yet released those number will always be 0.x during the beta period (these typically increment based on internal dev cycles). The third digit is used to identify incremental changes for individual modules. So as an example a version number of 0.8.5 for the Home app would mean that the system is currently on the 0.8 release and the Home app has had 5 different releases on that system version.

    In some situations a component must be versioned using an integer value. In these cases the integer is calculated based on concatenating the zero-padded representations of each Major, Minor, and Module version. For example: 0.8.5 -> 000.008.005 -> 000008005 -> 8005.