ADB setup instructions for Linux

Version 2

    Requires that the Android SDK is installed. See Setting up a Concierge dev environment.

    1. Set up your system to detect the Concierge device
      • Follow the instructions to add a udev rules file located here:
      • Modify adb_usb.ini
        • Open a text editor and modify ~/.android/adb_usb.ini (create a new file if it does not exist)
        • Add a new line with the Concierge USB vendor ID: 0x05e0
        • This is a generated file, so it may be overwritten from time to time.
        • Must not end with a new line.

      • Run "adb kill-server" then unplug / replug the Concierge USB cable

    2. Verify connectivity:
      • Ensure ADB debugging is enabled on the device
        • On the device, go to Settings > Development options and enable USB debugging
      • Run "adb devices"