Updating the ConciergeSupportLib

Version 2

    NOTE: During the beta period, the ConciergeSupportLib may update frequently and without warning!


    1. Open the Android SDK Manager

    2. The SDK Manager will automatically check known add-on repositories for for updates

    3. Look to see if the Concierge Add-On has an update available

    • If no available update is shown, but you're confident that one should be there, check your proxy settings to make sure that the SDK Manager can see launchpad.motorolasolutions.com

    4. Download the Concierge Add-On update

    5. Delete the ConciergeSupportLib from your Eclipse workspace

    • Make sure that you select the option to "Delete project contents on disk"



    6. Import the new ConciergeSupportLib to the root of your Eclipse workspace

    7. Depending on your settings, Eclipse may automatically start updating / rebuilding all project depending on the ConciergeSupportLib library project

    • To be sure that everything updates successfully though, you can just do a clean rebuild of relevant projects using Project -> Clean... in the menu