Install the Concierge SDK Add-On

Version 3

    1. Adjustments to the SDK Manager in Eclipse

    • In Eclipse, open the Android SDK Manager
      • Go to Window -> Android SDK Manager
    • Add the Concierge add-on site
      1. Go to Tools -> Manage Add-On Sites...
      2. Select the "User Defined Sites" tab
      3. Add the Concierge Add-On Site
        Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 4.12.13 PM.png
      4. Close the "Add-on Sites" window.
    • Disable the caching option
      1. Go to Tools -> Options...
      2. Uncheck the "Use download cache" option if needed
      3. Close the Settings window.
    • Reload packages
      1. Go to Packages -> Reload
      2. Concierge SDK should now be in the list of options
        NOTE: The Concierge SDK revisions go from 1000 up for internal releases prior to the r1 public release

    2. Install the Concierge SDK



    • If the Concierge SDK repository is successfully being found, but the SDK is not showing up in the package list, try restarting the SDK Manager