Concierge SDK reference

Version 4

    The Concierge SDK is divided into multiple components:

    • Android platform API extensions
    • Concierge Support Library
    • OEM Overlay Creator
    • SmarConnect Mobile Support Libraries


    Android platform API extensions

    Documentation for the Concierge platform API can be found here (follow the link),   and as well within the Concierge SDK Add On. To view the javadocs that come with the SDK Add On follow the steps below:


    1. See Install the Concierge SDK Add On for information on how to download / install the Concierge SDK Add On if you have not already downloaded it .

    2. Use your system file browser to navigate to:

    <android sdk install location>/add-ons/addon-concierge_sdk-add-on_motorola_solutions_inc-15/docs/concierge_sdk_docs/reference

    3. Open index.html in your browser to view the documentation.