Customizing the look of Concierge

Version 1

    Necessary resources / assets to obtain from customer

    • Vector graphics of Company Logos. - This gives us the ability to create new imagery when needed. Preferably .svg or .ai format.
      • If we cannot get vector graphic versions of the logos, we need the following in png or jpg format:
        • Horizontal logo - 72px tall and no wider than 450px
        • Icon logo - 72px x 72px
        • Large Icon logo - 216px x 216px
    • List of company colors - primary colors, accent colors, background colors, etc.
    • Gradient colors - if we are to create a gradient from any company colors, what are the preferred start & end values of these gradients?
      • If there are no preferred gradient colors, we can generate them ourselves based on what looks best.
    • Brand Guidelines - Typically companies have brand guidelines in pdf or html format that give rules for using colors and logos.
    • Home Screen icons - New icons for Shop, Search, Voice Call, Video Call, SmartConnect, Shopping Cart, Promotions Circular, etc.
      • 255px tall png/jpg or vector graphics needed. Vector is preferred.
      • Generic versions are attached to this page for reference.
      • Companies can opt to use any of these generic icons if they do not want to provide their own.
      • Companies will need to supply icons for any new functionality not currently present in the Generic Concierge demo.
    • Voice Search icon - 45px tall png/jpg or vector graphic. Vector is preferred.


    Explanation of the OEM overlay system


    How to create an OEM overlay (developers)

    • Run the OEM Overlay Creator deploy script (in /server/OemOverlayCreator)
      • ./ $CUSTOMER_NAME
      • $CUSTOMER_NAME corresponds to a folder under /customer (e.g. generic, motosln, experimental/generic_dark).
    • The OEM overlay will be created, packaged in a CDZ, pushed to the device and processed by the fetch system. Your device will reboot automatically once the overlay is applied.