Customizing the look of concierge (OEM Overlay)

Version 5

    Change the look and feel of the Concierge device, modifying the various resource files within the android platform and applications using the Oem Overlay system.

    OemOverlayCreator can be downloaded from this link. It comes with the part of the Concierge SDK addon and you can browse through the SDK to access the executable as well. It behaves similar to the ManagementPackageBuilder executable.

    • Open the Android SDK manager in Eclipse
    • Under Extras you can see OemOverlayCreator for Concierge, which needs to be installed
    • Navigate to the folder where you have your android sdk installed, go to extras, motorola_solutions_inc; android-sdk\extras\motorola_solutions_inc\


    Unzip the file. There you can access the OemOverlayCreator executable (oem_overlay_creator.exe)  and a example of a branding folder. Navigate to folder /example/brand/overlays. You can see the resources folder structure for the android platform and the ConciergeSystemUI application.


    All the resources that need to be changed can be replaced or modified to create a new "brand" folder structure. If a branding needs to be applied for a new application, then create a new folder within the overlays folder using the package name for the application. In the attached folder structure you can see resources for the ConciergeSystemUI application as an example. ConciergeSytemUI application contains the Powered by Motorola Solutions logo, which can be replaced by using the overlay system.


    The newly created folder structure can then be run(drag the folder to the executable) through the OemOverlayCreator executable (oem_overlay_creator.exe).

    A cdz file named brand.cdz(or other based on  folder name) will be created when the brand folder is run through the OemOverlayCreator executable.


    The CDZ can then be packaged into a MDZ and be applied as a management update .


    Branding can be applied via MDZ by constructing an MDZ package that contains a brand.cdz(or any other name)  file for the SDCARD_UPDATE action and a boot_strap.xml file for FETCH_UPDATE action. The bootstrap file must reference the filename of the brand cdz file. In this example it is brand.cdz. The bootstrap file needs to be modified if the brand cdz has a different name.

    A sample management folder structure that can be built into an MDZ for this purpose is attached to this document (  You can find this attachment at the bottom of this document. Use this sample as a reference for the structure of the directory that needs to be passed into the Management Package Builder tool as described on this page.


    The MDZ can then be pushed to the device or applied through the USB hub like a normal management update.