NetLogic S.A. completes the Motorola Solutions Validation on the ET1 and MC55 for their PITS.MOBI solution

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    Motorola Solutions congratulates NetLogic S.A. for completing Validation of their PITS.MOBI solution on the Motorola ET1 and MC55 devices.


    About Netlogic:

    Netlogic is a company founded in 2008 to deliver Business Intelligence solutions offering IBM Cognos and Microsoft BI platforms. Since 2012 they have added to their portfolio mobile computing applications with more focus in data capture and backend connectivity.


    About PITS.MOBI:

    Netlogic has developed a complete new solution to the automotive industry named PITS.MOBI. The product offers an end to end solution for the Service Centre to any car brand. Basically it delivers a Control Operational and Management System based on data captured from mobile devices and presented to the managers as a KPI dashboard. Also it allows the Service Centre to connect to a backend system of any car manufacturer to know if there is a preventive change to avoid a recall. Alerts messages are delivered if any activity is missing during a maintenance service inside the Service Centre. The availability to send updates to the car owner is also offered as a basic service.


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