Reflexis Systems Inc. completes the Motorola Solutions Validation on the SB1 for their Task Manager solution

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    Motorola Solutions congratulates Reflexis Systems Inc. for completing the Validation of their Task Manager solution on the SB1 smart badge.


    New Picture (30).pngAbout Reflexis Systems Inc.

    A pioneer and leader in integrated task/workforce management and real-time store execution.


    About Task Manager

    Reflexis Task Manager™ drives consistent store execution of corporate initiatives such as sales promotions, merchandising programs, loss prevention controls, store resets, product recalls, and corporate newsletters. The Reflexis single view of projects means that Store Operations gains a complete view of the project workload planned for store execution. They can run workload simulations, measure the impact of planned workload on store capacity, and balance schedules and priorities to optimize store productivity. Tasks are defined by corporate merchandise and operational planners. Tasks receive appropriate
    business and Gatekeeper reviews and are launched to selected regions, districts, and stores. The application leverages role based assignments to ensure that tasks are completed even when an employee goes on vacation, switches responsibilities, or leaves – in cases where the primary employee is absent, the task is forwarded to the next available and qualified employee. Management can view task assignments and task completion status through an easy-to-use dashboard that delivers real-time execution visibility to all levels of the enterprise. Task-based alerts allow management by exception, and performance metrics deliver crucial feedback to planners and management.


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