Voxware completes the Motorola Solutions Validation on the WT41N0 for their VMS

Version 1

    Motorola Solutions congratulates Voxware for completing the Validation of their Voxware VMS solution on the WT41N0.



    About Voxware

    Voxware is an Enterprise Voice Technology company and a leader in voice logistics solutions. Voxware understands the full value voice can bring to logistics solutions and is revolutionizing the way voice is delivered.  Voxware has combined its years of experience in developing powerful voice solutions for the logistics market with the latest in Internet standards for openness and extensibility―VoiceXML, HTTP, Java, and Web Server technologies— required by today's business enterprises. The result is a dramatic new suite of software tools and platforms.




    About Voxware VMS

    Voxware‘s Voxware VMS product is used in Warehouse Voice Applications for Picking, Replenishment, Loading and other logistics operations. OpenStandards Web based solution has client and server components. Client component that contains the Voxware‘s VoiceXML browser runs on Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices. VoiceXML browser integrates Voxware‘s industry leading speech recognition engine designed for demanding, high-noise industrial environment, together with industry leading Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines.



    Industry Deployment

    Transportation & Logistics


    Validated Devices



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