Concierge Mobile

Version 2

    Concierge devices can interact with mobile phones with custom apps develop to interact with Concierge Device. This feature is Called SmartConnect .


    Classes for managing Smart Connect sessions.


    To launch the association dialog, start an activity with action ACTION_ASSOCIATE. For example:

     startActivity(new Intent(;

    Register for changes in association state

    To register for changes association state, register a broadcast receiver for action ACTION_ASSOCIATION_CHANGED and retrieve the current associated state from the intent's extra with name ASSOCIATED. You may want to hide and show UI based on the current state. For example:

     myBroadcastReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
    // Get current association state
    boolean associated = intent.getBooleanExtra(, false);
    Log.i("ASDS", "Association changed: " + associated);
    (myBroadcastReceiver,  new IntentFilter(;

    NOTE: The association change broadcast is a "sticky broadcast". When you register, your receiver will be immediately be invoked with the current association state, and then again when the association state changes.

    Get association state

    To query for the current association state, use isAssociated().

    Query for associated devices

    To query for information on associated devices, see MobileDeviceContract.

    Sending messages

    To send a message to the currently associated device, see requestRemoteUI(concierge.content.RemoteIntent, concierge.content.RemoteIntentStatusListener). This requires the START_REMOTE_ACTIVITY permission.


    To end the Smart Connect session, invoke disassociate(). This requires the DISASSOCIATE_MOBILE_DEVICE permission.


    IntentProvides a set of Intent strings that can be used to interact with the mobile device integration subsystem.
    Intent.ExtraProvides a set of fields that can be used as extra data in Intent actions via Intent.putExtra.
    MobileDeviceContractThe contract between the mobile device provider and applications.

    Constants for the identity table, which contains a record per associated mobile device.

    MobileDeviceContract.Identity.ColumnsColumns of MobileDeviceContract.Identity.
    MobileDeviceManagerClass to manage the current Smart Connect session.